More cat pictures

In Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 5, 2012 at 2:42 pm

There hasn’t been any for a while, and I’d quite like a cat on my lap at the moment (the only way to read properly when it’s cold is with a blanket & a cat…). Otto wasn’t feeling very photogenic, and I never do (yes those are badges hanging from my ears…)

20121005-023006 PM.jpg

Slightly more relevant things… Tutorials aren’t horrible! Possibly mostly because they’re in one of the nice studios (nice = huge windows overlooking the castle). So that’s good. I’m trying to find the bit about voyeurism in On Photography, which I still haven’t finished… I was meant to be volunteering myself to serve drinks for some gallery thing, but I don’t have a licence so I’m not allowed to – which is sad (hence the reading). I spoke to some people who’re specialising in photography too the other day, which was good. I’ve found a grand total of three other people so far…I can’t remember if I said that already! And I have another book from the library, I think it was on my reading list for A level but I never read it. The books I’d accidentally left at home (the amazing alternative process one and one about collections which has since vanished) came, that and a hanging wardrobe thing. So my wardrobe is amazingly organised, I was tempted to go for colour order…

I can’t decide if I should stop my solograph pinhole camera yet…it’s been three weeks now. So it might have done something. Perhaps when it’s a bit darker, too sunny (never thought I’d say that) at the moment. I hope I didn’t knock the camera though, there’s nothing holding it in place… The 100 week thing is going well, I have no idea how many frames I have left on my disposable camera though…

  1. Wish I had a window that provides a view of a castle. That would be fun.

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