City of mirrors diptychs

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 6, 2012 at 11:13 am

I’ve given up calling it anything else, so city of mirrors will have to do. Anyway, even more pictures, nothing new. Just things in a slightly different order (I spent far too long last night trying to get them the exact same height in Photoshop, and CS6 isn’t as bad as it looks).

Out of these two I’ll probably choose the first one, but I’m not entirely sure yet…

I quite like them as diptychs even if they are a bit wonky, I wasn’t that happy with either of them alone but together they kind of work, seeing as I’m going back to ways of seeing things… No matter what project brief you give me I’ll almost definitely go back to either collecting, found things or slightly odd ways of seeing (I completely forgot to bring my goggles of enhanced perception with me, I could always make new ones). And diptychs actually, last two projects have involved diptychs at some point and now this one…heh. As long as I don’t suddenly do anything else (unlikely, now I have something I’m sort of happy with) my final things should look like this – in fact I have 4 of 10 final things if I don’t change anything… I’ll probably go out with the dice again today and go back to slightly randomised exploring…

I was very happily not doing anything (by not doing anything I mean drinking tea, writing this and playing records – so technically something, just nothing that really requires being fully awake) until the security guy rang up to say I had a parcel, so now I’m horribly awake. But I have The Dice Man – it’s thicker than I expected. I should read more and write less, reading pile is getting ridiculous again. I did read more of one of my visual culture books yesterday, although because the type is small and I was tired I ended up having to photograph each page so I could see it. At least that means I can annotate it (although someone has already scribbled over it in pencil – a library book!).

And because I was playing records I thought I should add this… I went through all of the 7″ at home and took the duplicates I’d probably listen to, although we had three copies of this one for some reason (I blame my mum)… So one got turned into a bowl, which I now keep my keys in. She made me another bowl out of a record she bought me, I played about a minute of it before it was too much (it was Scottish Dance Time, if you wanted to know), but that was a bit too big to pack. It didn’t say I was magic either.


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