Some shoes, some work and a cat

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 8, 2012 at 6:31 pm

20121008-052314 PM.jpg

I walk past these shoes quite a lot. They’ve been there for all three weeks that I’ve been about in the studios… It’s getting increasingly tempting to switch them with a different pair though…

There is some relevant stuff too… I did the work for the drawing class (which is tomorrow) yesterday, we had to draw from pictures of the still life stuff from last week. I can’t quite decide if I like it or not, so you get a small piece. Although I do like drawing with ink. I managed not to make a total mess of my flat too.

20121008-061113 PM.jpg

I’ve put all of my drawing stuff into my drawing box, although it’s more of an ‘anything you could possibly ever need’ box. Easier than putting it all in my bag and trying to find it again anyway. I forgot to take anything to put water in last week, so I had to use a pencil sharpener… I’ve got a lot of collage-y things for tomorrow as well, I tend to collect bits of packaging/labels anyway.

20121008-061508 PM.jpg

I’ve been making more diptychs, I might add them later, so I’m almost done with the city of mirrors project. I might need to go dicewalking once more if I don’t have enough. But I can do that tomorrow afternoon or Wednesday morning (Wednesday afternoon I have a Photoshop workshop, I think I know enough for what I use it for, which is not a lot, but could be interesting). I need to come up with a written statement about it too, but that shouldn’t be too bad (I write a lot, I don’t often run out of things to write!). It’ll be harder to come up with something to write for the self evaluation we have to do, although grading myself will probably be harder (there’s very specific things to grade and very general guidance notes for grading -agh!). That isn’t due until next week though… I should get a new project on Friday (for the sculpture rotation). I don’t know which’ll be the worst out of sculpture & painting…

Otto has a habit of lying on my work (somewhere on here there’s a picture of him on my history notes), even from hundreds of miles away he can manage it… I found my cat earrings too. I need to go do exciting things like making dinner… It sounds like someone’s been moving furniture in the flat above me all afternoon, but not moving it especially carefully (it disrupted my Grayson Perry documentary thing watching – he has pretty amazing hair)

20121008-062306 PM.jpg

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