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In Canon 400D, Edinburgh College of Art on October 11, 2012 at 12:14 pm

I haven’t been doing much (and I’m still not doing that much) which is why there’s been a distinct lack of exciting posts recently…maybe that’s a good thing though, makes it even more exciting when I actually have something to write about. Although I don’t have much to write about, I tend to write when I have nothing else to do! With so much free time I should be able to come up with better titles (although free time is mostly spent reading or watching whatever I can find on 4OD/iPlayer). I’m waiting for my last tutorial for this project (new project – hopefully tomorrow – I hope it isn’t horrible). Anyway, city of mirrors stuff has been done for a few days, and my sketchbook is now full (apart from the bits I need to finish writing), so that’s good. I’ve ordered them nicely for the crit tomorrow and everything…


That’s not the order I put them in, ordered by file name because I finally got round to naming them properly. My filing of things is getting a bit obsessive, I’m going to end up losing stuff soon there’s so many different folders for things (seriously, there’s a main folder for each semester, then for each project and then folders by date and whether it’s original images, edited, cropped & final). It’s backed up obsessively too, at least I won’t lose anything (hopefully). I’ve had the essay questions for visual culture for ages now and we’re yet to be told anything other than the deadline, I’m not sure if we ever will or not…so I should possibly start thinking about that.

Looking through all my folders trying to find something else I found these! They’re from last year, possibly June/July? End of AS anyway, before I started the huge exploring project. It’s funny how cyclical things can be, I’ve gone back to road markings, just in a slightly different way. I like them much more now than I did at the time. Maybe that’s what I like so much about analogue stuff, as well as the unpredictability and the not knowing quite what happened, but there’s a gap between taking and seeing. Processing a film takes maybe half an hour, drying another half hour and getting a nice contact sheet maybe five/ten minutes. Even if you process straight after finishing a roll of film there’s an hour or so before you can see what you’ve taken at a decent size (although with 120 it’s a lot easier to tell from the negatives), and that gap tends to make me far less critical of what I’ve taken. Digital is instantaneous, and as useful as that can be sometimes it means I dismiss a lot of stuff as not good enough, maybe I’m less selective in what I take in the first place too. But leaving images sat in a folder for a while, and not quite knowing where that folder is half the time, makes me like them more. So really I should leave more time between taking digital things and deciding which of them I like, but I don’t.




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