And some recent quotes…

In Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes, Rambling on October 12, 2012 at 11:11 pm

I forgot to add a few things earlier, and there’s a heck of a lot of noise at the moment, so there’s really no point trying to sleep (it sounds like someone is repeatedly dropping a table or something in the room above me) and not sleeping means more (pointless) blogging. And I really am boring enough to be wanting to sleep.

So, some recent quotes. Mostly from today. And they’re not all from the same person. They aren’t chronological for a change either.

  • “The chances of men being good dancers…”
  • “If you keep going, sometimes you get there.”
  • “A few glasses of wine and a KitKat.”
  • “The biggest chisel in the workshop, of course…”
  • “A sense of the sublime can be found anywhere.”
  • “All materials have equal value.”
  • “They look really cool on a Mac”
  • “Thinking through making things.”
  • “I just felt you needed to know that…”
  • “An artist has to make the work an artist has to make.”
  • “Some mysterious wisdom that tutors have…”
  • “I wasn’t meant to be a civil engineer, I was meant to be a photographer.”

I found the portfolio from my ECA application the other day (in my extensive searching of all the folders I’d forgotten about), I think sending a CD was probably a far better idea than just leaving my suitcase of courage in a room. Meant I got to add a huge word document giving it all a bit of context, because it was quite an odd assortment of things that ended up in the suitcase, although I doubt anybody actually read all of it (it was really long). It’s sweet reading what I wrote for the questions we had to answer too. I did videos of me going through all of my sketchbooks, portfolio and bits and pieces, I found the one I forgot to take the sound off of, so you can hear my A2 photography class in the background. Which was a bit daft.

Okay, loud thunking of whatever the hell it is is getting annoying now. Although someone is now playing The Police really loudly, which is preferable.

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