New (sculpture) project.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on October 12, 2012 at 8:17 pm

New project day again…it’s not horrible. I just can’t think in a 3D way at all, or in any way that’s remotely sculptural, so I’m not entirely sure how well it’ll go. It mentions found objects and place-making (I’m sure our visual culture lectures cover just about everything I get excited about, Monday’s lecture better not be disappointing, I’ve been looking forward to it for a while now – it’s on museology) so I’m slightly happy. I’ve found a typo in the brief, so I had to correct that. Not sleeping very well comes in useful on new project days, I might possibly have seen it as soon as it showed up on the portal…possibly.

Following on from your collaborative voyages, in this project we invite you to claim your own territory, to map and explore your own personal interests from a sculptural point of view.

This could be a kind of portrait, an introduction to your own experiences, your likes and dislikes, your personal memories of a person or a place?

A vital part of this will involve a process exploring physical material and space. You may choose to explore objects, processes and performance. You may explore different kinds of space & place.

Basic construction materials will be provided but we encourage you to resource your own – for example found objects could be a rich starting point. Consider as much as you can: from cotton to concrete; spoken word to billboard text; from candlelight to searchlight.

We have two workshops (although it doesn’t say anywhere what they’re actually for – I’m guessing painting & wood-based-things, seeing as that’s what it says instead of room numbers, but I like knowing everything before it happens!) for this rotation. I’ve been trying to work out from the workshops what the project briefs will be like, I can only guess the intermedia rotation (possibly) involves video in some way, seeing as we get a video workshop for that. I’m looking forward to the print workshop, but that isn’t until the painting rotation… I’m still not entirely sure if I should switch from photography or not, I still think I’m not quite photography enough for photography. But at the same time I’m not quite intermedia enough for intermedia, or I don’t think so. I should probably think about this after all the rotations, not before. I’m just chronically indecisive, I’m not sure I should use a dice to decide either.

The crit for the city of mirrors project wasn’t too terrible (how could it be, with a view like that?!), but sitting there for three hours – as interesting as it is to see what people have been doing – requires a lot of caffeine, which I was lacking today. I should start making a tally of how often photography-course-leader-guy wears pink socks (although they were odd today – lime green and bright pink). So I actually spent a full day out of my flat, I had a talk at 9 about self evaluation (I’m still going to suck at grading myself, it’s inevitable) and I didn’t get home until 6. There was a talk by Peter Fraser which I went to, a lot of good quotes…and pictures (it was even sort of relevant to all the pictures of rubbish I’d been doing, well – I say relevant, there was pictures of rubbish, but slightly more…serious pictures of rubbish).


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