This is almost entirely about sketchbooks.

In Interesting things, Rambling, Sketchbook Project 2013 on October 14, 2012 at 6:12 pm

20121014-050140 PM.jpg

I’ve filled half of my book for the Sketchbook Project 2013, which is surprisingly organised for me…just remind me to send it off on time. It doesn’t look like that much when I look at it. Possibly because it mostly lives on a bookshelf and I forget to add things because it’s not very obvious. I like it more than last years though! Not sure if I’ll do 2014 or not, assuming it even exists… My 2012 book was viewed the other day, I get an email whenever anyone takes it out…

20121014-054513 PM.jpg

I filled up one sketchbook with all the bits & pieces for the end of the photography rotation, so sculpture gets a whole new book. With more pages, so hopefully it’ll last longer. There weren’t any nice spiral bound ones which I prefer. But I made it look pretty so I can recognise it as mine. Don’t really want to accidentally take someone else’s book. I’m a lot better at starting things now, blank pages are no longer scary! Perhaps it’s easier because no one really has enough time to read everything I write in these sketchbooks, so it doesn’t matter so much how I start. It’s probably a good thing no one reads all of it, I seem to think by writing so a lot of it is probably totally irrelevant/uninteresting.

I’ve started started thinking of things for the sculpture project now too, either with those shoes (somehow, although I’m not sure how sculptural that would really be. I’ll think about it more) or with quotes. It’s hard thinking in 3D, especially because I see things in quite a flat way. But using quotes reminded me of these sculptures by Jaume Plensa… A mix of digital (meaning iPhone) & film (Holga with acetate rolled in with the film & a Blackbird Fly TLR) taken in January at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. I’m sure I’ve posted several of them before, but they’re relevant now!

20121014-060131 PM.jpg

20121014-060420 PM.jpg

20121014-060438 PM.jpg

20121014-060459 PM.jpg

20121014-060512 PM.jpg

As much as I like neatness & order I’m currently trying to see how messy I can make my desk before I have to tidy it. Featuring the teapot that looks like the internet…

20121014-060634 PM.jpg

And I also realised I have too much tea. I think this is probably enough to last the year, if not more… I thought I drank a lot of tea but obviously not. Yes, there is five different types of tea. And yes it takes up about half of that shelf.

20121014-060913 PM.jpg


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