Cake and some relevant things about museology

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling, Vegan baking on October 15, 2012 at 4:18 pm

I just got a cake in the post – my mum sent me a cake! And it isn’t stale…possibly slightly squashed. I’m pretty impressed that it got here in one piece.

Museology is another one of those things I get ridiculously excited about (possibly evident from the title of this), so being talked at for an hour about it is pretty much my ideal Monday morning (my actual ideal Monday involves having slept a lot more than currently). I even remembered my voice recorder this time (I’m not very good at concentrating on slides and someone talking at the same time, I’ve found I tend to go off on tangents too so I probably miss several important bits because it reminded me of a book or something)… Leicester was even mentioned, I actually looked (very briefly, and not very seriously – like how I looked at doing linguistics as an excuse to be pedantic all the time) at their museology department, but I didn’t like the idea of not doing studio stuff. Although they offer the MA in Museum Studies as a distance learning course…although I did have that amazing plan of doing my MA at Massachusetts College of Art… Hm. I’m assuming I can even afford to do an MA, or want to.

Back to museology…or sort of. It was all interesting and wonderful and I’ve got a list of books to find and decide if I should buy or not (meaning I probably will), and mentioned people I recognised. It’s always good when I’m not totally clueless as to what’s happening. There’s an essay I really like, Things & Words: Towards A Lyrical Museum by Mikhail Epshtein – which is vaguely where I got the idea of a museum of exploration, or at least a museum that selected only objects with ‘souls’ and tried to retain as much of that as possible. I’m not sure how successfully, because I knew the context behind the objects I put in my museum and no one else really did…too late for that now. Anyway! Quite a bit of it is about vesch (objects with souls), but there’s some nice categories of museums (which I guess makes it a taxonomy of taxonomies) and some other bits and pieces… I’m pretty sure it’s on Google books (it’s in Tekstura: Russian Essays On Visual Culture). I should probably read it again, it might be something I could fit into the sculpture project. I like categorising things after all, and coming up with a taxonomy for…something would give a pretty good representation of how obsessive I can be about some things. It could fit into the essay we have to do for visual culture too, the question I’ll (probably) do is creating an art school – I should probably ask about the essay, everyone seems to be pretending it doesn’t exist at the moment.

I’ve mixed up the paint I need for life drawing tomorrow (and left it in my locker so I have to carry less stuff), although I was supposed to have a reason for the colours I chose to use and I really don’t. Teal because it’s quite possibly my favourite colour, I have no idea why I thought doing red/green/orange/purple were good ideas too. It’s going to be quite a…garish mess I think. Ah well. I’ve done some sketchbook stuff for sculpture, it’s not quite as bad as I thought. Assuming I can get my hands on some wire so I have something to fiddle with (I might make the quotes I have out of wire, because that’s as 3D as I can think – or I’ll use the shoes, but I feel bad using the shoes). Although I did put up a freecycle ad for old shoes so I can ‘claim my territory’ with shoes…I already have two replies. I just need to decide if that was actually a good idea or not, else I’m going to end up with a load of old shoes. But if you have any shoes you don’t want…I might be interested…

I have no idea how I forgot this.

  1. hihi, the “1” from france is me 🙂

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