I actually quite like sculpture…

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Which is obviously good, because I didn’t think I would – or at least not as much as some of the other rotations. But it’s been fun so far, not quite fun enough for me to want to switch (mostly because as much as I like making a mess with plaster I’m not sure doing that for the next three years would be as fun – or beneficial). I’ve done quite a bit of stuff anyway…

I started making quotes out of wire yesterday (which involved finding a poky art shop full of American people exclaiming over Indian ink to buy wire); I might use some of the older ones as well as ones I’ve heard since moving. We’ll see if I run out of short ones to do… There’s only four quotes so far that are one line in my notebook (it’s a small notebook), I’m not sure I could face writing long ones out in wire, so one of these says ‘I wish I had tits’ and the other says ‘come on, chickens’. They were supposed to legible, but I’m not very neat at bending wire and they didn’t want to stay flat – so they ended up like this…which maybe isn’t so bad.

You have no idea how hard it is to write ‘chickens’ in wire… Anyway. Wednesday’s are introduction to new project days, so that was this morning… I found the right room! I’m starting to know my way around now, well I can sort of tell where things are in relation to other things. I have no idea how a studio with no windows (just skylights, and not many) can be lighter than all of the studios in the other building… It’s nice though – apart from the hole in the wall which means when it rains (like today) there’s a puddle that reaches half way or so across the room, and the sink smells really badly of sulphur. There’s some cupboards with stuff in, and some of them have interesting labels – maybe it’s not interesting if you know anything about sculpture. I’m fairly convinced one was labelled with ‘money weasel’ (as well as hats and briefcases), but I can’t read handwriting reliably!

Anyway, we were making plaster casts this morning. I made a squiggle to use as a guinea pig for painting and tried using wire squiggles to make a solid squiggle but the wire wasn’t thick enough so it disintegrated trying to get it out of the clay. The one using wire to write into the clay was a little better, I have some letters anyway…they were supposed to be in one piece! I need to find something between my finger and wire to write with… Maybe a knitting needle would do it, I did bring some with me (but no wool). Might try that tomorrow, I think we’re supposed to be having group tutorials but no one really seems to know what’s happening and our tutor vanished. Or instead of just writing a quote out all of the letters maybe I should try rearranging the letters to make a more solid shape.

Anyway, here’s several things that didn’t really work, and a squiggle.

And the bits of letters I ended up with

I remembered I do actually like making things (I mean actually making things, because photography probably comes under making a lot of the time – although I would count darkroom printing as actually making), maybe I just like getting messy and the making of something is just a bonus. Making doesn’t require thinking and I think far too much, it’s not even thinking about useful things, it’s just like…how I write, but constantly in my head. It’s hard to think about useless things and make something though, so making stops me from having to think, otherwise I’ll ruin whatever I’m making. Reading does the same thing a lot of the time, and writing, and some photography things. So I should make things more. I think I had a point to start with, now it’s just gone… Ehm. We had another workshop thing this afternoon, looking at all the violent looking machines in the metal workshop. If you want to scare the crap out of me demonstrate a drill that makes a lot of noise and sprays sparks everywhere quite close to me…

I’ve moved the shoes more, they’re now two offices down from where they started. And they also sort of fit on my feet (if I suddenly don’t like the wire things – or maybe even if I do like them – I’ll start doing my ‘shoe plans’…hopefully I should be getting some shoes from Freecycle dropped off at ECA this week), so there is a good side to having stupidly large feet. And I wear boots quite often, it’s just my boots look nicer.

This is probably long enough now…I’ll just add another picture for luck. Because it makes me smile and there hasn’t been any cat pictures for a while… (this was just before I managed to very stupidly – and very clumsily – drop the iPad, so my screen is totally destroyed and I’m paying lots to have it fixed/replaced).

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