More drawing projects, and wire squiggles.

In Edinburgh College of Art on October 19, 2012 at 6:55 pm

I like getting new projects, it’s all very exciting – until I read it and realise I have absolutely no ideas, especially compared to all these amazing looking examples that get listed with every project brief. But I forget about that after a while and it gets all exciting again, so it’s possibly a good idea that I read the briefs when I can’t sleep, because then I sleep eventually and by the time I start thinking about it again it’s exciting… So yeah, I have two of the three drawing projects for this semester, I think the third one should be out on Monday. One involves the word collection, so I obviously like that one, and the other sounds nice – it’s mostly quotes, which I like. I like copying bits of projects onto here, I can’t forget what I’m doing then – so this is what I’m doing for the next two Tuesdays…


1. The act, quality, or power of withstanding hardship or stress

2. The state or fact of persevering

3. Continuing existence; duration

For this project we ask you to interrogate the idea of endurance as drawing. You have 2 days to create a single drawing or a body of drawings that use this tactic to explore the world you inhabit, a world that is also inhabited by others who complete your work by engaging with it.

To live is to leave traces
Walter Benjamin

We may observe tracks, examine them, if possible photograph them, draw them etc, simply be aware of them.
Tracks left by:
A stone
Clothes (left lying around, hanging up, on someone)
An automobile (on us, on a road, etc)
Man (his foot, bare, shod, the tracks left by his activities, etc)
Thoughts (of man, thoughts themselves)
Words (on paper, in mouths, etc)
Milan Knizac

I have no idea what I’m going to do, which isn’t so good, but I liked the quotes. Perhaps I should stop looking at examples and go back to my wire squiggles. Although I like these things by Katie Lewis and this by Kristján Gudmundsson

I made a huge wire thing this morning, it ended up being about twice my arm span (when it’s not curled up). It’s even less legible than the smaller ones, but it says ‘I’m trying to figure out how this whole art thing works’, which I thought was rather lovely. Although not as lovely as ‘wherever you’ve come from you, you belong here’, that might be my favourite lovely quote…

I’m supposed to be making a spinning thing to display the squiggles on for the crit next week, so I made a cardboard lazy Susan-esque thing out of card, a pencil and a beer bottle this afternoon. Such a productive half hour… I need a spinny thing because they make pretty shadows, and it’s quite fun to move them about (again, another productive half hour with a torch, my wardrobe door and all the lights off in my flat). I guess I’ll need a box thing to put the spinny thing in, otherwise the shadows won’t really show up. I think I’ll make a neater one next week, possibly out of wood. Or just cardboard cut out slightly neater. And without the beer bottle.

Also, I like it when ‘museum of exploration’ comes up as a search term. Not quite as funny as today’s other one which is ‘what does it mean if my guinea pig makes a popping noise’


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