Some more squiggly things

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling, Vegan baking on October 21, 2012 at 7:28 pm

I’ve been using the huge wire squiggle to make paper…things. They’re meant to be like paper moulds, because I saw an amazing looking mould made from paper in a book I got out of the library yesterday (I’m so pleased I can go in at the weekends, assuming the door accepts my card & PIN thingy), Lost Magic Kingdoms. It’s a load of essays and stuff from a Paolozzi exhibition a while ago. It’s interesting though. Anyway, paper mould thing…my wire isn’t thick enough (I might thicken it with bandages or something) so my paper things aren’t very useable as moulds. It’s more paper mâché I guess because I didn’t have anything to make it slightly water resistant, so even if it was deep enough it’d be a pretty crap mould. For some reason I don’t have any PVA or anything, so they’re stuck together with flour & water. I’ve forgotten what I was going to say. Oh! They’re not especially clear, but the better looking one looks something like this (I did do one with the thinner wire and one with the thick wire all squiggled up, but they don’t look so good). And I know it’s back to front, but it looks better on this side. It’s part of quote #20, which is ‘I’m trying to figure out how this whole art thing works’.


My writing is slowly getting worse and worse… I’ve decided to put all the drawing project stuff in this sketchbook, I’m not sure I’ve ever worked on more than one thing simultaneously so I’ve always had separate sketchbooks for everything. But it seemed daft to start a whole new book for three short projects…and we do get reminded a lot that all of this stuff isn’t supposed to be separate. So I listened. I tend to carry this book pretty much everywhere with me, I’m not sure I could carry another. I already carry too much stuff as it is! The stuff on the left is mostly trying to decide what on earth I’m going to do for drawing on Tuesday. I think I’ve managed to do sketchbook stuff every day of this week, which is quite impressive.

I’ve been taking pictures of the paper things so they’re a bit clearer, or not. It’s strange how these have ended up so white (or black I guess, the first ones I made were with black wire) when normally I like colourful things.



If I can find any bandages I’ll thicken up the wire and either dip the whole lot in plaster to make an even thicker version or do more papery things from it…we’ll see.


These came in the post yesterday (was it yesterday? I have absolutely no concept of time anymore), can’t believe I forgot my camera cookie cutters! They’re tasty, if a little indestructible. And I have no idea how I only just found out the Museum of Curiosity is back on the radio…



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