Some really rather lovely things

In Rambling, Vegan baking on October 22, 2012 at 9:35 pm

I have my self evaluation thingy back for the city of mirrors stuff – obsessively checking does have its benefits… I admit I squealed that my research was described as ‘exemplary’ and given an A… It’s good that I’m not too far off on grading myself, and I think the comments and such were quite similar. I know it wasn’t anything amazing after all. Even better the sculpture project doesn’t show up as having grades I need to fill in. And yes, I did submit it five days before the deadline, I honestly have that little to do (I’ve spent this evening yelling at the stupid microwave for killing my cookies and wrapping bandages around bits of wire…)

I got a prize in the post too (no more food), from ages ago – July? I don’t know. For A level photography anyway. I can now go stationery shopping and be happy. And I have a better picture of my remark, because that still makes me grin like a fool. And it counts as lovely. I had to scribble out my Critical Thinking mark, I’d lose any pretence of intelligence then. Though to be fair I did spend almost all of those classes doing photography work, probably shouldn’t admit that…

And the last lovely thing is that my microwave-turned-oven finally decided to behave itself, so I’ve managed to bake some edible things. There were two inedible things before, but let’s not talk about that. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for an oven right now. I need to go get my stuff sorted for tomorrow (including finding a pair of socks), I think I know what I’m doing for the endurance drawing now, which is always good (and it doesn’t just have to be two days worth of work, I think I’d probably cry if I couldn’t do more on it).


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