Endurance drawing

In Edinburgh College of Art on October 23, 2012 at 6:56 pm

Before I start going on about drawing (because it’s inevitable, there’ll be pictures though)…you have no idea how happy it makes me when the only search terms are ‘museum of exploration’. I don’t care if you were’t actually looking for this, still makes me happy.

I haven’t done so much stuff in one day for a while, I like it – even if it means being up early (hey, I kind of slept last night, would you believe it? I’ve probably walked enough to sleep tonight too). I don’t have any pictures of the first things I did, light’s too crappy for that now. But I can explain…I’m still not really convinced I’m doing the right thing. But doing something is always better than doing nothing (and there’s no evaluation stuff for drawing…although I said there weren’t any grades for sculpture and now there are, so no doubt there’ll suddenly be a drawing one to do…). Ehm what was I saying…oh! I started off mapping where I walked – which doesn’t sound very interesting, but I wasn’t looking (because I was looking where I was walking, didn’t feel like walking into things/falling down things), so they’re all squiggly and kind of jittery where I’ve moved. I have three of those, but one has three different walks on it (colour coded, I’d like to point out). I spent quite a bit of time walking across the sculpture court in different directions (this has nothing to do with anything – but it really smelt of bagels, cinnamon bagels). That was fun, so I’m going to do more of those.

I’m trying to think what else I did…I was planning on using the carbon paper I needlessly bought for life drawing to make a bigger squiggly map out of all the smaller ones. Only one sheet of my paper was thin enough and the table was thicker than my bulldog clips liked, so it wobbled everywhere and looks crap. I’ll find a drawing board from somewhere and try another time. I have pictures for this one, I spent an hour walking on a piece of paper because I seem to be sticking to walking for this (well, for now. I don’t think I’ll be bored for the next two weeks), and it meant I could be working and thinking about what I should do. Walking is good for thinking, or just pacing about. So I paced about on A1 paper, listened to things I hadn’t for a long time, got quite dizzy at points and was disappointed with how clean my shoes were. So I made them messy, they are my messy shoes after all…

After ten minutes of walking

Which made my shoes look like this (the worst of it has been wiped off now).

And then after an hour it looked like this (and my shoes got even more paint-y).

I was in the studio from before 9 until 3-ish which is why I’ve managed to do quite a bit, most of the time I was the only one there… It’s been a little strange without any tutors in – much quieter. There’s normally nice background noise (I like background noise, hence constant radio/music playing), but today it felt so empty, it’ll be alive again tomorrow though… But I like having a whole studio to myself! Means I can mutter to myself and walk on paper and other such things.

I also made these, which I like much more.

I didn’t really have the patience to write properly on grass, there was meant to be more than just ‘think’ (could you even tell that’s what it said?), but I got impatient and went and did other things. It’s quite hard to write on that scale. The first thing that came into my head to write was ‘think through making (things)’, which is why it’s that.

And writing in leaves is less impressive than I’d thought (I’m so glad it wasn’t windy today), or I just need to find a denser patch of leaves.

This is probably my favourite – took an hour or so of looking for leaves that were nice colours and arranging them in a pretty way. It’s been walked over by a dog and survived, and some guy called it beautiful, which was rather sweet.

I’m sure I was meant to be talking about drawing, rather than showing you hundreds of pictures… I’m having to forget almost everything I thought I knew about drawing, or maybe more specifically what I thought drawing should be/do, because it’s not useful at the moment. Far more productive to assume someone else’s idea of what drawing should be is a good idea and just act instinctually. It probably is a good idea anyway. This sort of drawing is far more…I’m not sure how to say it, rewarding? fun? interesting? All of those? It’s okay to make a mess and just try everything…I like that, I don’t do that enough!

None of the rest of this is especially relevant, but possibly interesting I guess. I’m in one of the nice studios for this drawing project, but there wasn’t any view at all today. Kinda reminds me of The Matrix, y’know the white space they appear in before entering the matrix? Yeah, like that. But without the guns and armchairs. I can see a bit further from my flat, not sure I like mist too much. Far too dark!

And one last thing (before I go back to doing work – I’ve got a lot more bandaging to do and sketchbook stuff – I’m going to be rushing around tomorrow trying to do so much stuff before the crit on Friday), it seems I’m collecting impressive looking socks. Not actually collecting, although I have a lot of stripy socks. Just…finding people with good socks and not always intentionally (today’s were intentional, orange & blue polka dots – orange & blue might be one of my favourite colour combinations, if it’s bright anyway), which has lead me to looking for strange socks on Amazon – I could buy knee high socks that say tofu down the side, or tequila, or business (which is very Flight Of The Conchords). Or there’s always the sock that looks like socks and sandals… Enough about socks.


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