I really do love Amanda Palmer

In Rambling on October 25, 2012 at 11:50 pm

There’s nothing at all art related, except my sculpture crit is tomorrow. There’s some stuff I need to do still. Point is I got from Edinburgh to Glasgow, & I’m on my way home. I’m incredibly impressed! There was some getting lost…on the subway & trying to find the right place. But I damn well did it, with help of course. I’m not that amazing…

20121025-114700 PM.jpg

There was much singing and truly awful/amazing dad dancing on my part. An amazing version of Want It Back with AFP singing with a megaphone from the balcony & everyone stamping/clapping/singing along. Played some Dresden Dolls stuff too… I’m not deaf, but my throat & legs hurt.., but it was really awesome! I could keep saying that… It finished half an hour earlier than it said, so we managed to get on the last train home, rather than having to get a bus… Nothing else remotely intelligent to say.

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