Another new project and the last bits of sculpture stuff

In Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes, Rambling on October 26, 2012 at 2:43 am

Turns out I do have other (possibly intelligent) things to say, because I can’t sleep so I’m doing useful things for a change… There’s so many projects that show up for me on the portal at the moment, it’s insane.

We’ll start with sculpture, some things have happened. But not a lot. So I don’t imagine my grades will be at all nice. Ah well. I’ve had fun, and I did turn up…surely that counts towards my grades! I made a big paper thing using the bandaged wire, I ran out of nice looking paper. And I stupidly put the nice looking paper on the wrong side, so that side is back to front. G’uuhh. But the nice paper is a mix of a prizegiving programme thing that came with my vouchers, envelopes, a Martin Creed text because it was printed out and I like it (but it was too small for me to read) and some quotes I scribbled on paper.

Doesn’t look quite so nice the right way round. I think I just like them more being unreadable. Because that didn’t work, and I had no more useful ideas I’ve gone back to making them out of wire. I tried though… But! I did get a little stand made for them, I need to go grab a light from the storeroom at some point today (preferably before the crit) so you can see the nice shadows they make.

A stand, and some of my locker (including film, paper, glass for exposing things to sunlight and a bag full of bandaged wire). I wore my lab coat yesterday, undeniably stylish if I say so myself… I did stitch my cyanotype on eventually, so no one can possibly steal it now. Or I’ll realise if they do… T’was useful seeing as I was painting and I get horribly messy doing that (even if I try not to).

So…new project, in all its intermedia glory. Possibly the longest brief we’ve had so far, so some editing later you get this… (there are lots of other nice bits, but it’s almost 3am, I’m not going to go through everything at the moment).

In this project we would like you to dwell on and explore the function of the studio for Intermedia working processes. Intermedia is a strategy rather than a discrete series of materials or morphologically related artefacts. It doesn’t have the ‘material certainties’ of sculpture, painting or photography, and questions commonly held beliefs about what artists do. We would like you to produce a short video of ONE MINUTE in length that has been made in the studio.

It may be:
Use extended techniques
Process based

Stop frame is acceptable, and process based sounds fun. The studio we’re in is a nice studio too… I don’t know what I’m doing, because it’s too early and I haven’t read all the stuff attached to the brief (but I was happy there’s two essays included, I must be the only student who gets happy about essays to read…). I recognise one of the quotes included in the brief and I have no idea why or where I might have seen it. Hm. I’d kinda like to know if it’d possible to use the Lomokino – if it was sunny there’d be enough light in the studio…maybe. But to make a minute long video using that could be…painful. If there’s an average of 140 frames per roll of 35mm that could need several. I’ll have to look up how long the ones I did before are. Oh crap, 8 seconds. And I spent absolutely hours scanning each individual frame in. Eugh. Or I just slow it down massively to last a minute. Maybe that’s cheating. It’d depend on me being able to process film though.

And this has nothing to do with much – or not really anyway. But seeing as I can put videos in… here’s all of my leaf writing. It’s impossible to get a good picture of it (it was still there on Wednesday – the ‘making’ was still looking perfect). I shouldn’t be let near video…

But back to intermedia-y stuff…putting a y after an a looks really odd. I’m kinda interested/excited about it. Maybe because it’s not completely new – I’ve done a very tiny tiny tiny amount of video stuff before and I did eventually get my head around using iMovie or whatever it is. I don’t know. Whereas I know I can’t paint very well, and my year of doing ceramics for an hour a week wasn’t especially amazing! So sculpture and painting rotations are less lovely.

Drawing project is going okay, slightly worried that it’s suddenly Friday though. Maybe I’ll just carry on doing it after next Tuesday… I’ve just realised both gigs I’ve (so far) planned for the immediate future are the Thursdays before final crits. AFP was, and Jack White is too. Heh. I did have some other irrelevant things but I’ve completely forgotten. It’s not daylight yet so maybe I’ll be able to sleep… Oh! The David Byrne & St Vincent album I’d completely forgotten about came yesterday, it came out in September. It’s lovely, or the bits I’ve listened to are. I’m not sure half paying attention whilst tidying up/listening very quietly now so as not to disturb people counts as properly listening. Hey ho. I’ve developed a much better tolerance for cigarette smoke, doesn’t make my eyes run anymore! Which can only be good, either I never noticed back in Leicester or less people smoked there…

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