I officially have no life.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes, Rambling on October 27, 2012 at 10:32 pm

If you hadn’t realised already… I spent the afternoon working (or something that could loosely be called working I guess) in our pretty new studio for this rotation (and for the next rotation actually, and the current drawing project…and the last drawing project). It’s really quite odd to think I only have one more rotation after this (plus an exhibition project). I have absolutely no concept of time anymore… It was lovely and quiet again, although there were other people about (maybe I’m not the only one with no life). It’s a total mess in there though, I’m guessing the painting rotation people haven’t tidied up yet seeing as half the room is covered in paint/paintings/coffee cups. So I’m guessing the intermedia side is the slightly tidier side. I was meant to be questioning my teaspoons (one of the essays mentions that, I’d read that one before actually. If I had wallpaper I’d question what was under that too) but I got distracted doing other stuff (which isn’t worth seeing yet).

I seem to be focusing on inhabiting more than anything else, maybe that’ll go somewhere… I was trying to come up with my function of a studio, all I’ve decided is that it’s my second home (or third? There’s Leicester home, Edinburgh home and studio home) – in that I fill it with my stuff, turn it into a place in the short time that I’m there. Specific places, tables, chairs, become ‘mine’. And as much as I like the idea that ‘art is life’ (yes, I’m referencing a whole other set of quotes I collect – nice things people say/write…), and as much as I think that’s true, I still keep the two slightly separate. I find it harder to work here in my flat, possibly because it’s just one room with no separation between places (I’ve taken to sitting in the laundry room doing things so I actually get stuff done – when I’m doing my washing, not just in general…) and it’s a lot easier to do stuff in a studio. Or just somewhere that’s designated as a place for ‘doing stuff’. I have (some slightly tentative) plans for inhabiting the studio (I have no idea why I picked up on the use of ‘inhabit’ so much, it’s only mentioned once and it’s all I can focus on! Except teaspoons), treating it like home and seeing how that changes it. I don’t know, not quite got my head around it yet. I know what I want, but not how to say it! But it  seems I have a bit of a thing for slightly performative things (and I’ve rediscovered that I actually quite like talking, I won’t shut up soon enough), I just need to get a few things and then I’ll start that… I did do some exploring today; counting up lights, light switches, sockets, panes of glass, door handles and how many floorboards there are from the door to the window. And finding the bits of floor that creak nicely.

I’ve been looking through youtube for previous/similar-ish projects (oh you tutors are so predictable) and found quite a few from last year and possibly the year before. It’s very odd to see places – and even people! – I know/recognise looking so similar. People in particular haven’t really changed, and I’ve seen two studios looking nearly identical to how they are now (mirror/pink easel in C8 and placement of tools in the mural room).

Drawing project is…coming along. Slowly. I’m doing stuff with tea (in fact that’s possibly a bit of a tea theme forming, all of these things are starting to merge together slightly – but that’s good. I think). Each time I’ve made a pot of tea I’ve poured it out (into a cup…) on a bit of paper, because my teapot (that ‘looks like the internet’) is a little leaky. There’s some quite nice splotches going on. I’m collecting tea bags/leaves to use for something else too, although the last two pots of tea I’m using the leaves to see how well they’ll stain/stick to paper. There’s lots of tea leaves in my kitchen now, and paper.

I was starting to think about my sculpture evaluation stuff (oh I have some more headland/sculpture pictures) and I’m not quite sure how to say it…but the first project, the photography stuff, now seems very…closed, rigid. Whereas sculpture, and even intermedia (to a point), are a lot more open. Maybe it’s just that I have a studio to work in! I’ve already gone on a bit about that… Or I’m just more settled in now. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but although I did like the photography stuff (the doing a lot more than the stuff itself) I think I actually enjoyed sculpture more, and I’m happier with what I’ve ended up with. Although I think that’s more in a ‘this could carry on going’ way, photography stuff hit a dead end quite quickly. Remember that I was convinced I’d fail sculpture?! I’m not convinced I’ll do any better in terms of grades for sculpture, but I just…enjoyed myself more, and that always helps I think. And I think intermedia will be the same (heck, I might even like painting more). Maybe it isn’t good that my chosen specialism isn’t what I enjoyed the most, or so far anyway. No big decisions yet though.

Hm. I got a Halloween parcel of chocolate from America (which was amazing!), and my replacement iPad turned up yesterday. Finally got the backup working, iCloud was being a bitch about it. I’m up to 70 something quotes now…

  • “You’re not a hairdresser.”
  • “I walked into an astroid earlier.”
  • “What are teacakes?”
  • “I love life.”
  • “I’d rather have a book than a child”
  • “It’s impossible trying to find SH in the Hunter building.” (alright, no one said SH, but I don’t want people getting angry at me. Although the H might give it away)
  • “Time for a quick fag?”
  • “attention seeking whore-like people”
  • “rhetorically explosive device”
  • “throw some facts & figures at you.”
  • “I had a pint with him.”
  • “Oh this is Bing. I hate Bing.”
  • “Pluck pubic hair from live badgers.” (this might just be me being stupid, but I have no idea how I’d even differentiate between pubic and not hair on a badger. But I’ve never seen a badger up close)
  • “If art teaches us one thing it’s patience.”

I have three versions of this in my head, all mixed up together.


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