A short film about tea

In Edinburgh College of Art on October 29, 2012 at 2:20 pm


Yesterday was lovely and productive… I had a spare kettle (the one that came with my flat, but it’s tiny and my kettle is nicer) and spare time. And more than enough tea. It was all filmed with my phone sat on an easel (sometimes held in the right place with masking tape), because the…moving bit? was the perfect size to lean a phone on. And sped up huge amounts so it all fitted in a minute, although I doubt I’ll use this one…maybe parts of it. I’m not sure. I might go buy a teapot to use and do it again, I can’t risk bringing my teapot in. Did you ever see my teapot? It’s beautiful…

The original teapot, which didn’t function as a teapot very well.



And the new and improved teapot that looks like the internet…

But there is some sort of plan, well. Maybe plan is exaggerating slightly. I’m going to see if doing ordinary, every day, things which I wouldn’t do in a studio changes how I use/perceive it. Which I know sounds like a load of crap, but the actual doing of it sounds/looks/is better…honestly. I’ve decided maybe it’s doing things like making tea/washing my hair/cooking that make my flat unusable as a studio, so maybe doing those things in a studio will make that unusable too. Or they just won’t be the same, because I’ll be doing them in a studio. Something will change in theory though. That’s all I came up with for questioning so far – which is why I insist on starting projects as soon as I possibly can…

So…this morning I washed my hair in the sink in the studio, and filmed it. Except that I can’t get to the video of it at the moment because my laptop is silly and doesn’t have enough sockets (I don’t even have an ethernet thing – I have a USB ethernet adapter instead…) and the camera is kinda daft. Maybe tomorrow…if not I’ll do it again with a different camera. Having done it once I don’t think it’ll be so bad doing it again (it was actually kinda scary! I’m not the most outgoing person ever, you’ve probably realised that by now, so I’m sad to say that was my adrenaline for the week), but there wasn’t a studio full of people watching this morning. Anyway, I would show you that. But I can’t.

And just on the topic of hair (sorry, but there is a picture involved…) I’m starting to look even more like this pony. Don’t mind the odd face I”m making.


I need to go do slightly boring things, like returning library books and looking for books about education theory things so I can write coherently about what I’d include in my hypothetical art school. None of the other essay titles appeal to me so I’m making an art school, which I’m hoping is a bit like writing a manifesto. Just longer. I’ve collected lots of bits and pieces, I just need to start ordering them in a coherent way.

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