More videos and a lot of other stuff.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on October 30, 2012 at 7:05 pm

I’ve done a lot today, so this could get stupidly long. I’ll try not to ramble too much, but it’s slightly inevitable. I end up writing the same thing at least twice, because what I write here is generally a slightly shorter version of what goes in my sketchbook. My writing is bad enough for it to not matter what I put in there…

I washed my hair again, with a different camera (one that actually likes my laptop!) and someone making sure I vaguely stayed in frame. Which made doing that in a studio full of people far less scary, I was watching it back earlier and I heard things I’d been totally unaware of, like someone asking if I was washing my hair. It’s also far shorter than I thought it was, 3 minutes something. I was sure I’d been there for at least ten minutes…anyway. First a ridiculously fast version:

And a longer version with some added bits. Like unpacking my useful box.

I’m trying to find somewhere where I can make my dinner without sending someone into a fit (using something in the metal workshop sounds equally dangerous and a good idea). And trying to come up with other things I can do in the studio…there’s always teeth brushing/hair brushing. Seems slightly tame compared to that, I guess. I’ve got long enough to do a lot of stuff though… Or I could see if I could sleep. Hm.

I’ve done a lot today, hopefully enough to wear myself out (I got to sleep at about 4am this morning and was up a bit after 7 so I could be in nice and early – crazy, I know). I’d kinda ignored the drawing project a little, so I didn’t have a whole lot stuff for today, but more than a lot of people. Having no life/being incredibly organised does have its uses (seriously, someone needed a kettle – and I had one, from making the video of tea). I got distracted filming for a while, but got going eventually. And didn’t really…stop. I’ve laid out all the stuff I have for this project (although not the stuff in my sketchbook) and it easily takes up half of my floorspace. They all involve walking, and most involve not looking. I stuck my fingers in ink and dragged them across paper (because I tend to drag my fingers across walls/fences/anything when I walk) without looking, apparently (and three different people said this) I looked a little (or a lot, depending on how mean you’re being) possessed. I was just walking and thinking…hm. I fiddled as I walked with inky fingers, so there’s paper covered in splotches. I dragged a knife across paper whilst I walked (I still have all my fingers, and the wall is fine too), which I then used as mask/stencil. Which worked pretty damn well, I’m going to carry on doing that. Eh, what else…I stuck a paintbrush to a stick and walked about, I scattered tea leaves to go with my other tea drawings.

I’m not terrible at drawing, I had a lot of fun actually…again, further evidence that I have no life. I’m just going to keep going, I’m going to do more of the knife-y, stencil-y, things with different coloured ink…see where it goes. And I need to go do more writing; in chalk or leaves or grass. I liked that, even if it made my back hurt. I’ve got a pretty large collection of drawing work now, it’s taken over the top of my wardrobe.

I found all of these in the studio yesterday…the encyclopaedia does serve a purpose it’d seem.


I cleared out the art education section of the library yesterday, so even more stuff to read…


Kinda book related…I realised I’ve never added any pictures of my quote book. So here’s one of my favourite pages from the current one. I’m up to 70 or so now.


And I drew on my hand.

  1. You seem to be very productive on very little sleep!

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