Agh so much stuff…

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 1, 2012 at 6:22 pm

I apologise now for the amount of pictures and rambling and videos…it’s obviously better if I do post whenever I’ve done stuff, rather than saving it all up. Or at least quicker to read. Ridiculously happy someone might have been looking for this again, far too easily pleased.

I’ve made a minute long version, because I couldn’t speed it up anymore, which I kinda prefer. But that one was already uploaded and useable for now…heh. I’m going to do that again tomorrow, but with people in the studio, and with pjs. And then I have no idea what I’ll do. Make lunch or something. I’m going to try layering some of them up, which means not using my laptop. But I’m not sure how well that’d work, but experimenting is good…

It’s…odd. Because lying on the floor like that for twenty minutes or whatever, and not really sleeping – possibly dozing, was oddly nice, comforting. I spend most of the time rushing about in the studios doing stuff, it was nice to just be there, if that makes any sense. I’m absolutely brilliant at blocking out background noise when I’m doing stuff, so I’ll be totally oblivious to most things that are going on. Although I do need noise to block out, silence is weird! Anyway, I spent most of my sleeping listening to what was happening, separating each noise out. It was kinda strange being so…I really can’t think of the word…involved with the space, to be completely in contact with it was different. Good different, I think though. I don’t really make a habit of lying on floors after all. And back to questioning, because I’m sure that’s what I’m supposed to be doing…doing normal things in the studio has actually made it easier to work in my flat. Which I wasn’t expecting. But it’s good, I’ve spent all afternoon doing stuff, I’m sure half of that time would normally be thinking about how I should be doing stuff. It’s made the studio feel more like home too, I spend most  of the time walking about in my socks because that’s what I’d do at home, which hasn’t stopped me being able to do work. I just need somewhere to sleep and not be near work things I guess. Although when I say studio I do just anywhere that’s been named studio, it could be a park bench or something I think and I’d still find it easier to work there than somewhere where I lived. It’s the naming of a place – there was a nice bit in something I was reading, but I cut it up for sculpture project research and I have no idea if I kept that bit – as well as the distance between where I happen to live and where I do work. I really can’t say art anymore, well no – I can say it, but it doesn’t describe what I do. It’s just…work, living, doing. This is long enough without a lot of that sorta thing.

I discovered something quite ehm, odd this morning. I upload all the finished video things onto youtube, so I can’t lose them and so I can put them up here. They don’t tend to get viewed a lot, apart from the one of me washing my hair in the sink. Which is on 101 views since whenever I put it up, a few days ago. Turns out there’s quite a few people with a shampoo/hair washing fetish – I looked it up, I’m not just assuming… I’m not sure if it’s good or bad that I’ve ended up contributing to that. A fairly strange fetish to have though. It does look quite manic/OCD-ish sped up so fast, but I can be fairly obsessive about some things, so maybe it’s okay. It was pointed out how…futile it looks, washing in such a filthy sink. But I felt clean enough. Another okay tutorial this morning, a grand total of two other people turned up, of six or something. Heh. Although it meant I went to a film thingy I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise (possibly more out of not knowing my way around the second floor), which was far funnier than I expected, same guy is doing the lecture tomorrow…good quotes. Which I’ll do another time.

Drawing stuff, because that’s more than enough of that for now. This stuff is all from Tuesday, or last week, because I never put any of that up. So…voila. Sorry they look so crap, I’m gonna blame the fact that even though it was sunny this afternoon it was dark. These two were dragging fingers/nails whilst walking, and looking possessed. Hm.



Part of the one I did with a Sharpie taped to my shoe. More specifically my right shoe. That was fun… Studio floors are mucky.



These are what I’m going to carry on doing, because they make pretty things. It didn’t start off being covered in ink, it was fairly mindless walking dragging a knife across paper. I don’t think about these things when I’m doing them, just do. Forget thinking ’til after. They look quite nice from the back, which is the second one.





Aaaand then, this is using the cut up one to print, like a stencil I guess. Which I actually really like – who’d have thought I’d have drawn something I like, let alone really like?! Like everything it looks way better in real life.


I started doing one using the same stencil multiple times, and different coloured ink because I was getting sick of doing everything in black/white. I like colour after all, my rainbow gloves might give that away (someone called them psychedelic last week, I can’t decide whether I should be offended or not). And as a bonus you get to see how little floor I have if I get work out, My flat is precisely eight steps long, although I do have fairly long strides. I’m not sure you can really justify calling it a flat knowing how many paces it is…


And a few more things, not many I promise. I’ve been doing more of the attacking paper, but smaller… I like ’em. First one is a print of the inked up stencil-y bit, and is about an inch square. Second is two prints from the same stencil on top of each other.



The masking tape I use to keep them in the same place gets lovely and inky, so I’m keeping it – traces and all that jazz.

  1. really like those prints.

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