Ehm…some layered (and non-layered) things

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 3, 2012 at 2:58 pm

I can’t think of titles at all anymore. Sorry.

I had the (possibly) bright idea of layering them up, which I guess is cheating slightly because I get to show two or three things in a minute… It’s kind of a pain to do though – well no, the layering takes a few minutes. It’s the waiting for Final Cut to do whatever it does that takes so long…I think I’m going to spend most of next week locked in a computer lab somewhere getting incredibly annoyed with it. Which sort of links in to this one…

I was hoping someone would be daft enough to walk into it. I was meant to be sleeping (I even came in in my pjs, but underneath clothes because it was far too cold), but got a bit distracted. I got what I wanted anyhow, and that was just a bonus. It’s a strange mix of using the studio as home and as a studio, I’ll layer it onto something and see what happens. Maybe I put the videos in the wrong order, I only really started layering them because of the second one.

‘if you’re doing…if the studio’s turned into your home, where you sleep, what’s your flat turned into?’

‘It’s kinda turned into a better studio…I can actually work there now.’

‘Cool. The rest of the week just reverse everything totally.’

Well, no. I was thinking about layering. But that made me do something. So I’m going to try layering studio as home with studio as studio. And see how chaotic it looks. I’m in the middle of getting some studio as studio stuff to use – which is just carrying on with the endurance drawing stuff, because turns out I do like drawing. Or just making a mess, one or the other. None of this is probably making much sense… I’ll just show you when it’s done? That’ll work better.

I think I’m almost entirely sold to intermedia. I’d very happily carry on doing this sorta thing for four…no, three and a half years anyway. Oh I don’t know. Far too indecisive. I have no idea how it’s November already either.

Time for some irrelevant-ness, because I’ve stayed on topic far too much lately. I had the friendliest/most incredibly cheerful Tesco guy yesterday, although he’d managed to go to the opposite end of the street, rather than where I actually live. But I got kinda serenaded in the middle of the road, which was…nice. And I got rid of the huge crate that was taking up all of my kitchen! I need to go do work… Inking small bits of paper onto canvas. I don’t even know if it’ll look nice on canvas, but worth a try.


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