Quotes, and some pictures

In Interesting things, Quotes, Rambling on November 4, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Pictures make everything better! All of these quotes came from one person, over about…four hours. So twenty three is quite an impressive amount, maybe even a record…

  • like a two bit hooker (nothing to do with anything, but I walk past at least one strip club on my way in, it’s always open on a Saturday when I walk past. Thought you needed to know)
  • trust your institutions
  • a wee bit snooty
  • they’re so fucked up you can do what you like
  • they fucked up every shot
  • it’s incredibly ambitious to be playing Miles Davis when you’re like…ten
  • a wee sleepless night about that
  • you are the generation that will express that post-referendum identity
  • how do you make your way in the world?
  • a wee bit of an epiphany
  • the whole stadium giving Mrs Thatcher the red card was a glorious moment
  • are you from the social security?
  • what the fuck are you talking about?
  • asking is very important
  • a bit kind of wanky
  • totally out of kilter
  • part of the alchemy involved
  • at one stage he was Elvis
  • everything he touches turns to shite
  • you must have been up there and had a bottle of Buckfast, that’s every art students rite of passage
  • it’s recently been spat on
  • Roddy’s a bit quaint
  • nobody likes a bastard, and we were all fucking bastards.

I need to write them in the quote book, scattered over sketchbook and bits of paper at the moment. I’m sure I promised pictures, but this first. It’s going to be layered onto some of the studio as home things, eventually. And I do need to order my paintbrushes by size before I can start working.

There’s another two of inking the stencil-y bits, oh no…three, cutting the stencils too. But that’ll do for now. They’re not especially exciting, and they’re on flickr anyway. It’s really quite odd to be working like that in the studio, almost more odd than sleeping on the floor or whatever else. Which I wasn’t really expecting. I can still work there, I was convinced turning it into somewhere to live would mean I’d find it hard to work, but instead it’s just the same in the studio (although I’m a bit more fond of it than I was) and easier to work in my flat. I’m trying to come up with sensible answers to the questions for the evaluation for this rotation (there’s ACTUAL questions, rather than the generic ‘how did you do’ sorta thing), and I know I’m a little pre-emptive doing that…

Anyway, I’m not sure if I really like the stencils on canvas – or maybe it’s just the stencils are deliberate, rather than just dragging a knife about.

They’re all letters, at one point it did spell something. But they’ve been rearranged beyond recognition. I’m not sure you could tell that by looking at the prints they make, and in some ways the back of the stencils are way nicer than the prints themselves. I don’t know…I’ll carry on with it anyway. It might look better with twenty four of them, instead of eight. And the colours weren’t deliberate or anything, very much pick up a bottle of ink and use it. The masking tape looked pretty lovely again too, I’ve got a little collection of inky masking tape in my sketchbook now.

I should be doing stuff, like writing all this in my sketchbook instead of here. And doing other exciting stuff…like checking I don’t have any overdue library books, finding essay things and doing things for the seminar tomorrow… But ah well. I spent ages cleaning (so at least my flat is pretty much sparkling now) rather than doing stuff. Hm. I bought the huge Martin Creed book (or I’m hoping it’s huge, if it’s got the majority of his stuff in it it should be huge, unless the numbers are all lies), for no real reason other than that he’s entirely lovely, especially Work #470. Oh, and Otto says hi.


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