Studio as studio/studio as home

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 5, 2012 at 8:02 pm

I was trying not to post every day, but what the heck. November is National Novel Writing Month, chances of me ever writing a novel are minimal, so I’ll stick to writing this instead… I used to want to write lots of novels about horses and dogs, but what seemed like a good idea aged…seven? eight? I don’t know…doesn’t seem like such a good idea now. I’ve not been doing a lot, because I’d quite like to sleep for about a week. But there’s things to add. This is turning into a second sketchbook I think, or a backup of my sketchbook. Except my sketchbook looks a whole lot messier, with more ink and that sorta thing.

I spent far too long trying to get these to work. But I do like them, I think they’re probably the first things I’ve been really happy with out of all of the projects – photography stuff was meh, sculpture stuff could just keep on going and it’d get somewhere, I actually like these as things by themselves. But they could keep going, doing more and more daft things…I don’t know. As far as I know I get to choose what to do for the exhibition project at the end of the semester, so it’s good to have two things – or three if you count the fact that the endurance drawing has started to become quite a big thing, I measure by how much of a sketchbook it takes up – to work on. Two functions of a studio condensed into a minute; studio as studio and studio as home. They’re quite surreal to watch.

I think I like the first one more, I’ll keep trying different ones. Well, for Wednesday & Thursday I’ll do that, tomorrow is drawing all day. I remembered to buy paper for that, which is good… It wasn’t at all intentional, but with the first one especially the timing is actually pretty good. There’s a few seconds where I stop cutting the stencils to check my phone, and it’s then that I start wriggling about sleeping. Didn’t notice – or even know that – until I watched it back a few times… I’m not sure if I lowered the opacity too much, but I was losing all patience with Final Cut. So it works for now. I have no idea what we’re expected to be doing for the rest of this week, I’d guess we’d have another tutorial at some point…who knows.

I’ve been on a book buying spree (having not bought any for ages), well…it’s not that bad. There was a useful book mentioned in the seminar today – Why Art Cannot Be Taught – and the library copy was out until the 18th. Easier to buy it and claim for it on my book allowance. I wasn’t meant to be buying anything since moving though, seeing as it barely all fitted into the campervan on the way up here. I have no idea what I’m going to do with it all once I have to move everything out again! Or where all my work is going to go…eugh. I had far too high expectations for the lecture this morning, it’s always better to have absolutely no expectations for something. I got all excited because I was hoping it’d be really relevant to the essay I’m writing, bits of it were…but mostly not. So that wasn’t so good. But I have started the essay now…59 of 1500 words, and probably the worst opening sentence in the history of mankind. But having something makes me feel better than having nothing at all.

I realised yesterday that I’d been listening to two Nancy Sinatra covers without realising it, although I love this one. I was having a record playing moment, going through pretty much every album I have and I happen to have Boots, I only bought it for These Boots Are Made For Walking, but I like the rest of it… Anyway. I’ve moved my record player to the other side of my desk, because there’s no leg room under the left hand side because that’s where the printer crate lives, so now the right hand side is all nice and empty for working on. Or it would be empty, but I’ve been working. So it isn’t.

I did very last minute Skyfall watching yesterday – seeing as the cinema is really close to me, and there was a spare ticket going. I think I’ve fallen asleep in every other Bond film I’ve seen, and I don’t really like Daniel Craig…he gets naked FAR too much…but it was alright. There’s a horrible moment that put me off the tube even more before. But a bit of a hair fetish moment to make up for it, which I found incredibly funny…but no one else did, unsurprisingly. I can’t believe how many Bond themed ads there were before it, euughh. I don’t want a Bond phone, or Bond fragrance or anything else Bond related for that matter.


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