New drawing project – (not really) material experiments

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 6, 2012 at 4:49 pm

Drawing wasn’t quite what I’d expected. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. I had no idea all day how I was supposed to be drawing; life drawing was quite clear what was wanted from us, endurance drawing was clear. This…no. I spent a lot of time being quite restrained and not going for my usual ‘lets make a huge mess’, it was the most…formal drawing class I’ve been in. The last time I had drawing classes was year…nine? And they weren’t formal, it normally involved people throwing rubbers/elastic bands at our teacher. I’m not sure I’ve been in such a silent studio full of people, kinda freaky. I started off just drawing like I would normally, which generally involves lots of layering (to hide how bad I am drawing, drawing on top of things makes it look less bad), but we were being talked at whilst we drew and just after starting that (and committing to that) it seemed like I was doing totally the wrong thing. So that wasn’t brilliant! I need direction for drawing, I don’t know why.  It was pretty hard as well, because we were sat quite far back (okay, to me quite far back) from the bits of cardboard we were drawing and I can’t see amazingly from far away. They’re just shapes to me, I can’t see the lines/creases/ridges in the card from that far back, I can’t see the shadows they make. So I made it up, and it’s really obvious I made it up if you look at my things next to other people’s things. But it was that or do nothing, and I like doing. We got told to move away from line drawings, line drawings are the only things I’m really happy with! Heh.

I’m gonna stop bitching and just put some of them up. I didn’t mind these until we had to pin all our work up, there was about ten minutes when I realised I could draw again (I don’t think I can most of the time, or I forget that it’s not so bad and then I just…don’t draw) before that. Totally ruined by seeing my work on the wall. I don’t mind them, I just…wish they were better! When I’m drawing they’re fine, it’s how I want it and I’m happy to just keep scribbling away and making a bit of a mess and trying to get my hand to move along with my eyes (which is hard if you’ve seen how much my eyes move!) but afterwards they’re entirely meh. So yeah, bits of cardboard propped & nailed to the walls. Ink, pen and oil pastel. And possibly the crappest spot in the whole room to draw from.



For the second one the card was being moved about every few minutes, which was kinda better because I had to think far less and just draw. Already established it’s better if I don’t think. I wish I’d just stuck with making a mess, I shouldn’t try to be neat. Next week… There wasn’t a lot of material experimenting at all, I’m sure there was more of that doing life drawing. We had to draw sawdust, which was impossible for about five minutes. Because it was just a brown splodge, that’s all I could see. Luckily it got brushed about, so there were shapes starting to form. So I had to just draw the outline of it, because I couldn’t see anything else. No pictures of that, because it’s rolled up in my wardrobe, forgot to do picture taking for the later ones in the studio… I’m not going to look at them for a while, otherwise I’ll want to get rid of them and it’s probably not a good idea if I turn up to assessment with no drawings.

Speaking of…I’m really sorry whoever does my assessment, really I am. But my mum (you’ve got someone to blame!) thinks it’s a good idea to print out all relevant blog posts and turn up with a whole folder of those as well as several sketchbooks – and all my drawings and odds and ends. I can’t carry that much stuff all at once…at least it’ll look like I’ve been busy. So I’ve been printing them off, it’s taking forever. I write far more than I think. I started looking at all the dates and times for every single post (all 150 something…), 20th is the most popular day for posting, I’m in the middle of counting up the most popular time. 11:11 turns up a lot. I’ve also never posted anything on the 13th of any month, and I’m more likely to post on an even number. Possibly because I don’t actually like odd numbers. I might do something with all that information, make it look pretty.

The Martin Creed book turned up today, it’s so lovely. 


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