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In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on November 7, 2012 at 4:17 pm

I have feedback for the sculpture stuff, which is better than the photography stuff. Well, on average I guess it’s better, more consistent. Who’d have thought I’d be better at sculpture… I do like the sculpture things more, and it’ll probably feed into the exhibition project (assuming we do get to do whatever). Going on grades, enjoyment and happiness with what I ended up with I should switch to sculpture at the moment! Not going to happen though… I know I was probably a bit harsh for the first one.

Intermedia stuff has just…grown. Over about an hour it suddenly turned into something entirely different, but something better. Much better, I’m heading towards super happy with it – that kind of better. Seeing as the video part of it is pretty much done (I need to choose which one to show on Friday) I’ll spend tomorrow trying to get some sound to go with it. I’m not entirely sure what of yet… Before we get to all that excitement I started getting stills of some of the layered things yesterday, this is probably one of my favourites – mostly because of the chairs, I can’t really say why…but I like it.

This might have happened because I didn’t really know – and didn’t have the patience to learn/find out – how to make the layered things…flow a bit better. They are quite jolty, but it’s part of their charm…or that’s my excuse anyway. And I was looking for something to do that didn’t involve editing videos. So I started projecting stuff, first huge and taping up the stencils that I’d filmed myself making. But I didn’t like that, so I tried catching the projection on the finished canvas (I’ll add a picture of that in a bit), but that looked fairly crap. So I moved onto trying to catch it with my hands, and there’s a photo I managed to get of that which looks really lovely. Can I say that about my own stuff? Maybe.

It’s the chairs again, the biggish red splodge is my towel and the lines are from the projector. If you fiddle with the brightness/contrast enough they mostly disappear. It kinda looks like an amazing tattoo. I projected it onto my legs too, but that didn’t look anywhere near as good because I was wearing jeans and it didn’t look like it…fitted. That looks like a part of me almost.

The first one, there was some thought in placing my hand there. I wanted it to be recognisable as my hand, and the ring kind of gives it away as me. And the barely visible writing of quotes someone said yesterday…

And a second, way more distorted one. With random hand placement. I made the projection smaller, so it did fit in the palm of my hand – so it looked like I was holding the whole studio, which was really sweet -, it’s just quite zoomed in. There’s another one I need to get off the camera too.

I seem to like distorting things – the endurance drawing has ended up with obscuring words, messages, and that makes one of the layers in one of the videos. So all of these things are starting to mesh together.

That just kind of happened without much thought. I like it when it goes like that, when I think something’s done/can’t go any further and then it just…spirals out of control a little. For the crit on Friday I’m going to sit on the floor and have one of them projected onto my hands, instead of showing a video of a video. I like that idea more (almost like the work needs me as much as I need the work – because working is a need, I go crazy if I don’t work), and there is kind of some point to it, because I started off doing quite performative, extroverted, things. Sitting on the floor showing a projection a couple inches across on one hand counts as performative and extroverted. I’ve gone off on so many tangents in eight weeks, it’s glorious. Quite pleased with where this has gotten to, I’ll see if adding some sound totally ruins it. The layered videos don’t have any sound, because all that squeaking of fast forwarded noise was getting on my nerves, it might be nice just having whatever noise that’s going on whilst we do the crit, there’s generally a fair amount of thunking/talking coming from other studios and the corridors. I don’t know, I’ve got tomorrow to play about. Which will include adding research into The Borrowers into my sketchbook, apparently it’s legitimate…it ended up being small, a world with a world kinda thing – this is almost how small it ended up being (it did go smaller to sit in my hand, so this a handful of studio).

Canvas…I secretly like working on canvas. The gum prints I did on canvas were a lot of fun (mostly, when they worked anyway). It’s an actual object, something that takes up space. I know paper is technically an object and occupies space, but it’s thin and tiny and I can’t see that too well. So having this chunky thing is nice. There is a purpose to it, an order. I won’t tell you what it is though. It’s a secret!

I’ve got two pages of inky masking tape from doing that… Running out of things now, I picked up my ticket for Jack White – and found the right building! I did have to go pick up a programme to check it was the right building… I read almost all of the text in the Martin Creed book last night, all the text he wrote anyway. I’m oddly fond of his songs, this one especially gets stuck in my head. I keep meaning to look for Matthew Sawyer & the Ghosts of whatever he calls himself, because he’s sweet too… I need to go do washing, so enough writing. I’m giving myself too much to print out (did I say about that? I’ve filled up a lot of a folder already).

  1. love how this has worked out and like the sound too.

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