Final intermedia things…

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 8, 2012 at 6:12 pm

I think it’s pretty much done as a done thing now. Which is good, but a bit sad, because it’s been all lovely and fun and I’m not so sure the next rotation will be. I’ve already seen the brief and it’s just…meh. But I kind of thought that a bit about the sculpture brief when I first read it, and look how that turned out… Maybe having a proper intro to it will make it sound better, and we do get to do printmaking. It’s kind of a painting version of the photography project. It doesn’t specify anywhere (that I can tell anyway) what it has to be painted on, only that there has to be at least six I think. So if I started painting on the street, rather than on paper or canvas, d’you think anyone would mind? Maybe using mashed up chalk & water instead of acrylic so it washes off. I don’t quite know yet.

I haven’t done a whole lot, just faffing about mostly. I pretty much finished filming yesterday, I did one more today to have something that sort of looks like what I’ll show at the crit tomorrow. I painted my left hand white this morning – left because I’m right handed and I really can’t do much reliably with my left hand, and I stand to the left of the projection (if you’re looking at me), facing the rest of the studio and use that hand to be projected on. And white because pretty much every studio I’ve been in has been painted white, there’s an essay that goes on about archetypal studios a lot better than I can, Daniel Buren’s The Function Of A Studio. I’m not sure that it’s necessarily bad – or good – that our studios fit the archetype of European studios so much, high ceilings, tall doors and all. They’re quite lived in though, which is more important. It’s much harder to work somewhere that’s impeccably tidy, sterile.   My desk at home (by which I mean Leicester home, rather than Edinburgh home) was my studio, because the rest of the room was my bedroom, interchangeably a darkroom, and it was a lot easier to do things having something to look at, which is why the wall around it is covered in bits and pieces (photos I didn’t need for anything in particular, nice things on post it notes and Neil Gaiman pointing at something, because he was in the paper at some point). I should be doing this another time, possibly when I go on and on and on about art schools for the essay I’m writing. Thinking through making (well, writing) and all that. I know what I want to say, just not how to really say it without repeating myself too much.

I’m sure I was talking about hands a minute ago. Heh. It makes it an awful lot easier to see what’s being projected, which is always good – especially given how small it is.

And the paint makes my hand look all funky close up.

And sort of what it’ll look like for the crit tomorrow. I’m just going to stand there, as close to the wall as I can and stare at the ceiling or something.

The clunking noise is what I have for sound at the moment, it’s not quite as…unrelated as it sounds. I was just going to record whatever was going on in the studio for a minute and add that in, but my voice recorder picks up noise really quite well and it’d be really clear who was talking and what they were saying, rather than just noise. It feels a bit…odd to record people and play it back like that – maybe it wouldn’t if they weren’t people I’m sharing a studio with – but writing some things down doesn’t seem so bad. Anyway, the clunking. That’s the noise you get if you put a voice recorder in your right sock and walk on the bits of studio floor that creak – admittedly walking very deliberately to make them creak and generally banging around a bit. I’ve spent most of the time in the studio without wearing shoes, treating it as home and all that stuff… Although I did start walking around everywhere this week without shoes, and today I just picked up another pair of shoes (remember those boots? Still there, still fit my feet) when I was in the other building. Good fun really.

There was probably something else, but I’ve forgotten what it was… I finished with one of the books I’m using for my essay, it’s probably my favourite out of all of them. I was very restrained and didn’t read all of it (because it was pretty chunky), now I just need to not constantly quote it… Hard, given that it’s kind of everything I want to put in my essay, but a much more expanded version. I’ve got some similar things from other books so it’s okay. I’ve managed to get three books and a TED talk in so far. And speaking of TED…I got sent this, because I’d blogged about a TEDx event we went to this year…

TED Talks Infographic

Taken from here. It was kinda neat, ‘cos one of the talks mentioned on there – the Ken Robinson one – was relevant to the essay…so I used that. You have no idea how exciting it is when people email about posts on here, or maybe you do.

And a quick, irrelevant, lovely thing – my A2 economics exam from June got remarked, so that’s gone up to an A. So much remarking! And no paying for remarking, it’d be kinda nice if they’d said though… So now I look nicely intelligent with A*AA. Enough writing, I need to go get my stuff together for Jack White (I’m making an excited face, but you can’t tell that).

  1. like the white hand very much, esp. the idea that you go around with it before and they don’t know why.
    (I have been drawing cauliflowers today)

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