Jack White was lovely. And a painting project.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 9, 2012 at 12:08 am

Just in case you wanted to know. Although not as mind blowing as Amanda Palmer (I think possibly because AFP spoke to us a lot, he didn’t really). Willy Moon was pretty awesome too. I just realised how often I say lovely. Anyway, no amazing pictures. He makes brilliant faces though.

Aaaand I bought a t-shirt, I would show you the very excited face I made at wearing it. But it’s not especially flattering, so it’s probably best I don’t. I’m glad it’s not just me that makes guitar noises instead of singing along to Seven Nation Army (although there’s an interview clip on YouTube somewhere it was suggested it’d be a good song to sell yoghurt to – yum yum yumyum yum yumyum… or something like that). And it was neat that it wasn’t just all of Blunderbuss, that’d be over pretty quick I guess, given that he was using two different bands (no idea how they – and all their various instruments – even fitted on that stage…). Lots of White Stripes stuff, some Raconteurs (Steady As She Goes! Which was the first song I heard by him, or them I guess) and some Dead Weather…

Seeing as I’m here I might as well add the painting stuff in…I’m going to be a bit of pain and ignore everything I ever thought I knew about painting and stick to doing slightly crazy things. Oh even better, the portal works…it didn’t for a while, the intermedia project vanished yesterday when I actually needed to look at it.

The Streets

The Street has long been a source of influence for artists both as an idea and visual source. It is a huge container of:

Walking through a city can open up many starting points for paintings from the grand vista  to insignificant ephemera.

Think about strategies for collecting information from the street. Where do you go? The Grassmarket is very different from Leith Walk, Princes Street is very different from the Bridges.

Do you take a small notepad or camera or separate sheets of paper on a drawing board or all these things. What do you collect?..is it there a connection between the source (all front door numbers between ECA and Princes Street for example, or everything that is red) or is the choice of subject more random and you construct images from these sources when you return to the studio.

When drawing from the subject the choice of material can really affect how you develop the idea. loose  marker pen drawings will give you a different starting point than a tight drawing done with an HB pencil. The use of colour or monochrome will also suggest differing ways of developing a painting.

I’m happy painting small things, might slightly hide the fact that I’m not very good at painting. I know I sorta say the same thing about drawing, but I can make marks – so I can draw in that sense – I can’t make paint go how I want it. Usually. Unless it’s totally flat pattern that isn’t based on anything in real life. I’m being positive about it though, remember? It’s not awful, I’m sure I can come up with something…and it’s only two weeks. No more assessed painting ever again after that (there is absolutely no chance I’m switching to painting, sorry…). Intermedia gets the prize for longest brief, painting for the most spelling mistakes, but compensated for by good descriptions of work (‘big juicy oil painting’).

I should try and post for every minute of the day, I was meant to be going through all the different times…need to finish that. At the weekend, or tomorrow. Seeing as intermedia is all done and dusted.


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