Shoes (of different sizes)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 10, 2012 at 5:05 pm

This is what happens when I don’t have a lot to do, I wear other people’s shoes and walk about in them (and then forget I’m not wearing my shoes and walk home in them – I’m very sorry if they’re your shoes, I’ll bring them back, don’t worry…). It’s not very exciting to look at I guess, but that’s all the different types of floor I could find, which meant walking in a big circle really.

I found the other day that the sculpture court makes a really good noise if you walk across it barefoot, you can feel it vibrating too. Doesn’t work so well in shoes. And there were some other things too, I got a bag of shoes from freecycle a while ago (I think I blogged about it actually), I was going to use them to take over some territory for the sculpture project, but I wasn’t being all brave and extroverted then (I kind of am now, thank you intermedia). So I’ve made little labels for one pair, and started a sort of shoe scavenger hunt.

I moved it off the statue/cast thing, I don’t really want angry people coming after me… That one took about ten minutes to be moved, I was walking to my locker and was a bit confused when it wasn’t where I’d left it (for the second time – which was on one of the radiators in the sculpture court). It got moved back onto a statue

So I moved it again…

And I now have no idea where it is, because it moved from there quite quickly. Thank you whoever’s been moving them! But I didn’t expect to be quite so worried about a shoe…it needs a GPS tracker on it or something. I’m hoping I’ll come across it again somewhere anyway. And the other shoe got something different

I put it on the floor against one of the casts that’s opposite the studio door so I could sort of see people if they looked at it, there was a whole group of people who stopped to read it and were a bit confused, one girl leant down to look for a while… It did eventually go. I hope you’re looking after that shoe, whoever took it.

Crit yesterday was alright, kind of odd because we weren’t in the studio (we share it with the painting rotation – which is lovely because I still have a nice studio for the painting project, but we end up doing crits at the same time). It’s easier to move memory sticks than a whole load of paintings I guess. But it made projecting it onto me a bit…pointless I guess, because it was supposed to be standing against the studio wall in the space where I’d been sleeping, as a third layer to it sorta thing. It kind of…referenced itself a lot, that video. Anyway, I’d never been in the lecture theatre we ended up in, so there wasn’t any connection to the space I was standing in. So it didn’t work as well as I’d have liked. I also ended up going first, which was really really cruel, I’m never doing that again. Over now though, no more intermedia. Unless I do change, but I think I’ll wait until the feedback comes back for it – even though I’ve enjoyed that one the most and made something I’m mostly happy with it it’d be kinda pointless to change if it comes back with awful feedback. So I’m waiting for that, which probably won’t be for absolutely ages. It seems to take two weeks or so, the deadline for feedback is the Wednesday after we finish the rotation and then it takes forever for it to come up on the portal. Anyway, when it shows up I’ll make a decision. I’m not very good at that.

Essay is coming along, I’ve completely rewritten it. But I like this version a lot more. I’ll go on about that tomorrow, otherwise I won’t have anything to write about. So far in November I’ve written 7,409 words. I started doing something for the painting stuff, I happened to be walking to the post box (which isn’t exactly very far from my flat) and seem to think by walking, as well as writing and doing, so it seemed like a good idea to photograph every paving slab I stepped on on the way back to my flat that was cracked in some way. I’ll start drawing, or painting I guess, from them at some point.

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