Drawings and squiggles (not made of wire)

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 12, 2012 at 10:31 pm

I might regret doing two posts when I have nothing to say tomorrow…ah well. Not sleeping is obviously good for making me do things (I’ve been awake since yesterday, there’s been a lot of coffee since then – hence still being sort of coherent). Or it just makes bad ideas seem like really good ideas. Anyway…I have some stuff for the painting project, although it’s not painting as such at the moment, but getting there. Would you believe it seemed like a better idea to draw than photograph to get some source material? Me neither, that was quite a strange moment. Admittedly it’s been dark since about 4:30 or something horrible, so it’s easier to draw than photograph. I’m still putting off talking about intermedia/photography, so I’m not going to say anything else about that… So back to it being horribly dark, it does mean windows look nice.

I stood outside my building and did some drawings, I have sound recordings to go with most of them, because it seemed like a good idea. I have plans for that voice recorder (which might actually happen soon, and might happen for the exhibition-y thing – that sort of soon), I’ll come back to that. Taking post it notes with me was a bit spontaneous (agh spontaneity!), but worked better than the A4 paper ones. So I’m definitely sticking to small things, I wonder how small I could actually draw something and it’d still be sort of recognisable… I’ll find out. I seem to be looking at very small sections of things again.



Audio things…this is a really crap version of what I want, or what’s sort of kicking around in my head. Words as not words, so you have absolutely no idea what’s being said, and you’ll just have to take my word for it that it’s words (it is, honest). Words as drawings I guess. I kind of want something better to make the visualisations of it, but I have no idea what and what I had worked well enough for sort of seeing what it looked like. I think it’s a bit out of time with the audio though. Which is annoying. And it doesn’t look very pretty. But I’ll mess around a bit more, something might happen.

Whoever the three people are that searched for ‘museum of exploration’ – you’re my favourite people ever right now.


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