Wherever I go, the mess follows

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 12, 2012 at 3:25 pm

It’s a bit counterintuitive, because I’m so obsessive about how tidy certain things have to be, where certain things live, but to actually get any work done I have to make a total mess and lose stuff. It’s kind of annoying. Normally I’d know precisely where I keep all of those bits of paper, but because I’m using them they’re all over the place. I still haven’t seen my little lost shoe, although I haven’t really been looking for it. I’ll have to make wanted posters for it or something.

I forgot to take pictures of these, which I did on Friday. I prefer them to the colour canvas, possibly because I didn’t have any specific order to the colours I used. If I’d had some elaborate system of colour coding that no one else could hope to understand I might like it more. Anyway, a paper version and a canvas version.

They look scarily like Brice Marden etchings, which I hadn’t seen until yesterday. And there I was thinking I was doing something interesting. Well, no. It’s still interesting. In my flicking through of books for the essay stuff I came across a nice definition of creativity, I don’t have The Dynamics of Creation in front of me (you’d think I love that book I write about it so much, a lot of it just gets me a bit annoyed, but in between all of that there’s some nice things), so I’ll paraphrase. Creativity is just making new connections, it doesn’t matter if the idea is only new to you, it’s still being creative. I don’t really keep definitions in my head, I’ll know a word and use it but I won’t have that little bit from a dictionary memorised just in case I ever need a definition. I probably should, because if you ask me to define something I’m hopeless. So it’s interesting to find definitions for words I use a fair amount, and ones that I hadn’t really thought of. And it makes doing things people have already done, although that’s all there is to be done in a way (‘to speak is to fall into tautology’), that much more okay.

Essay has…expanded, in the way that all good things do. It’s on 598 words having been 120-something this morning. I have no idea when I managed to write 400 odd words, but it must have happened at some point. This is going to sound incredibly…sad, and be even more proof that I’m incredibly boring and have no life at all, but I’m having far too much fun writing it. I didn’t start enjoying it until yesterday when I realised I have too much to say. And then it started getting a tad ridiculous (but in a good way!). My mum wants to work for me, so I’m going to add in several appendices with hypothetical/potential staff, might as well research properly and all that… I have a copy of her CV and everything, so I’m sorry whoever ends up reading my essay, there’s going to be a zillion things stuck on the end that I think might help make it make any sense. Maybe it’ll be interesting to read though. I managed to get a Harry Potter quote in though!

‘I sometimes think we Sort too soon…’ – Albus Dumbledore

Y’know that bit about having no life? Yeah… It does actually work though, because it’s in the explaining why elective classes in politics and medicine and whatever else would be a lovely idea section. I’m not the only one to have quoted Harry Potter either, so it’s all okay… I need to go back to other writing. I think I’ll probably go to the photography lecture thing this evening, even though I think it’s some fashion guy. But I’m getting my £9k worth, or trying to, and that means turning up to absolutely everything I possibly can. I need to pay related programme fees still, it wasn’t as huge as I was expecting, but it’s probably only for this semester… Oh! We had to bring in a piece of work to the seminar this morning which either showed the relevance or irrelevance of art history, but didn’t ask that question in the seminar for some reason… I took #470, someone else had a Creed thing actually. Which I decided was mostly irrelevant to the question we’d been asked. It meant I had to speak in a seminar though, I was trying to go a whole semester without doing that.

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