I do still have things to write about…

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 13, 2012 at 6:42 pm

Did you know I’ve never posted on the 13th of any month before? I only found that out the other day. Still need to do something with all those times/dates, I’m thinking about far too many different things for that at the moment (painting project, two different drawing projects, sound things, essay things), maybe over Christmas. Or when I have a year’s worth of data.

Drawing was better than last week, although we did exactly the same things – we drew cardboard, sawdust and sticks. Except this time we got to use graphite powder and furniture wax-y, polish-y stuff to draw with at one point. Which was the sort of thing I expected us to do last week (maybe not so specifically that I expected to be covering myself in waxy goo). Oh, and we taped things to sticks to draw with, which was nice.  Maybe it just went better because last week really wasn’t very good, so I ignored everything and didn’t think and that always works better. I don’t have pictures of everything, only the things we did in the morning. Not because I don’t like the afternoon stuff, but I was rushing to get to the painting introduction which was after drawing, so no time for photographing.

oil pastel taped onto a long stick & a stick dipped in ink, I didn’t even attempt drawing it so it all fitted on the paper. It was hard enough doing it this size. I’ve finished my big jar of ink, which is annoying.

graphite powder (sometimes mixed with water & ink) and wax stuff (sometimes mixed with graphite). A lot of it was just drawing with my fingers, although a knitting needle and a paintbrush also made an appearance at one point.

I was doing drawings of the drawings I did yesterday over lunch, which I like more than the original post its. Maybe because there’s quite a few of them and they look alright together.

All of the left hand side and the three on the top right are all pen, the rest are gouache (with a knitting needle again, it’s really nice to draw with!).

The painting intro thing was alright, I got some quotes. And recognised some of the work that got shown, which is always good. Tomorrow morning we’re supposed to be getting source material and then we have printmaking tomorrow afternoon, which should be lovely, I got shown the printmaking workshop yesterday which was almost as exciting as seeing the darkrooms. Almost. And we have to do six small things on Friday, which is brilliant because doing things small makes them look better. Or it does if it’s me doing the doing.

And something really quite exciting, the best kinds of something I think… A lot of stuff gets forwarded to my university email, I ignore a lot of it. Quite often it’s things that aren’t even meant for first years – why on earth would you send something specifically for third years to the ‘all students’ mailing list? I don’t know. Anyway, they wanted volunteers for an exhibition in December at the Patriothall Gallery (which is about half an hour from me), and it sounded fun (it involved the word ‘blog’, I can do that) and more importantly didn’t specify which year it was for. Obviously not many people went for it, I’m sure they were looking for about 14 people, but we’re going to be assigned two artists, and there’s 14 artists. Hm. So yeah, I have to know two people’s work inside and out so I can talk about it if asked and there’s four different private views/events, and hanging up things (but I really wouldn’t trust me to do that, I’ll paint things no problem, but don’t ever ask me to hang something up – unless you want it horribly wonky). So that’s my December all filled up, I guess that’s another thing to think about. My brain is gonna implode soon I think.

Some quotes – from the painting intro and the lecture guy yesterday (I mostly go along to the photography lectures knowing bugger all about who it is, makes it more fun that way – yesterday’s guy did lots of album covers for Pulp, the interesting things I get to know…so far all of them have been former students).

  • ‘something I learnt in the Korean war…’
  • ‘we don’t need to speak about every picture’
  • ‘if you wanted to go to the loo you had to climb over all these back issues’
  • it was like, one of the worst selling magazines ever’
  • ‘if you’ve got ideas, that’s great, but be flexible with it’
  • ‘that’s actually the Cuban embassy…’
  • ‘I really did have beads like that’
  • ‘make things happen’
  • ‘there were no pictures of middle aged black women’
  • ‘don’t put the client off’
  • ‘love your limitations’
  • ‘nobody cares it’s not your fault’
  • ‘how is Scotland a race?’
  • ‘she just weed, like in the middle of the streets’
  • ‘I’m obsessed by door handles’
  • ‘all painting is fake’
  • ‘totally useless bit of information’
  • ‘no funny business’
  • ‘we’re quite draconian in painting about the whole timekeeping thing’
  • ‘there’s no working from home’
  • ‘if you can’t find anything out there you can’t find anything anywhere’

And this was mentioned on the last episode of the Museum of Curiosity, it makes me laugh. Although there hasn’t been any sneezes for months.

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