I lied. There were 194.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 15, 2012 at 5:37 pm

I just can’t count reliably. I wrote out the time for every single one, as well as streets. Which took up a lot of room, and took ages. Apparently me writing lines and lines of very similar things looked like a scene out of The Shining, I haven’t seen it so I can’t comment. But I’m taking it to mean I looked possessed, again. I was going to be doing detailed drawings all day, but got distracted writing all of these out, but I got told it’d look nice as a painting.

So I got some wood and did it in paint. 

Maybe paint is stretching it a little, it’s very watered down acrylic mixed in with drawing ink so I could use a dip pen. I tried it with a knitting needle but that was too thick and blotchy. It looked quite neat before the ink started seeping into the wood… I think I’ll get some more bits of scrap wood tomorrow and try some more things. I like it when things happen like that, and it’s far less stressful writing in paint instead of painting in paint. I need to do the six little paintings tomorrow though, I think I’ll choose my favourite covers (how sad does that sound? It’d be worse if I could walk past them and go ‘oh look, it’s number so & so’) and do those. As small as I can manage. The bits of wood are kind of paving slab shaped, I just realised. I’d kind of like to go paint numbers next to all of the covers I photographed, maybe with times too, or with a little tiny painting of it. That can be my weekend…

There’s another one, which is more readable. And whiter. I chose my favourite numbers, which are all even numbers because I don’t like odd numbers. I should have chosen my favourite covers instead.

I did start doing more detailed drawings, well. There’s one at the moment. I was getting a tad fed up with doing everything in black & white, I’d only bought black/white in with me. But I had chalk for if I felt like painting outside, and coloured chalk makes amazing colours! So this is very small bits of manhole cover #71.

Ehm…what else… I have three potential tutors now (isn’t that wonderful and exciting?!). And I have answers to research questions from another one (I got better answers from the third this morning) and I’m waiting for answers from yet another person. Which could be a fourth tutor. There’s sensible answers, expected answers, and some slightly crazy ones to balance it out. I have no idea how I’m going to fit it all in! Spot the interesting bit of bibliography…

I sort of asked about switching to intermedia today, in a general indecisive sort of way. Although I’m not sure I’m that indecisive about it anymore – having been indecisive since May, I got described as intermedia-y by two people (it counts that one was my mum, right?) today so y’know… Unless the photography project for next semester is awful I’ll do both, just in case. And one more thing… This was wonderful, and I’ve kept forgetting about it. It’s more than that now though. And flickr got to 90,000 the other day, which was hugely impressive!


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