Teeny tiny paintings

In Edinburgh College of Art on November 16, 2012 at 6:17 pm

Y’know how I actually liked sculpture? And really liked intermedia? And liked photography? I like painting some of the time. I’m just glad it wasn’t the first rotation we did. I can safely say I’ll never ever switch to painting.

Good things about painting:

I can wear my lab coat and not look too stupid (someone was wearing a boiler suit, so y’know), lab coats make everything better.
Buying paint/brushes/paper is just as satisfying as buying pens/stationery/sketchbooks. I like that bit, I’d quite happily just buy huge amounts of paint and never use it simply because I like buying it.
Acrylic is nice to pick off my hands.
Painting tiny little things doesn’t really require much movement, which is good because I’m horribly tired again and sitting down for pretty much the whole day was nice.
Painting = mess. Mess is good.

There are less good things, but I’m being positive, remember? It’s really horribly stressful painting in a studio full of people who’re amazing at painting, even if they’re not painting students, and there’s me sat in the corner doing tiny simplistic things which are more a…by-product of going out walking. Which seemed like a good idea yesterday, now it’s just…the only idea. We’re supposed to be fairly quiet too, and it’s really freaky to be in a studio full of people and there to be hardly any noise (hardly any of the intermedia people were in, so there wasn’t any background noise from the other side of the studio). Listening to music makes it better, but also means I jump out of my skin if someone comes up to me to talk about my work. Not knowing things might be good, because maybe I’ll end up doing things that people who know things just wouldn’t do, and maybe they’ll work. But not knowing means I’m completely lost a lot of the time, and I like knowing the tiniest details about everything!

Anyway. Some tiny things that might pass as painting if you don’t look too closely.


Having a specific thing to do – to make six paintings – when I’d already started painting yesterday confuses things a bit. I’ve been working on this project since…Saturday? Sunday? But this was treated like the first day of painting, which it wasn’t for me. So I’ve got quite a bit of stuff, although less than for other projects (you can tell how happy with a project by the amount of pages I fill up, drawing/intermedia are taking up the most at the moment), and having gotten stuff it mostly goes better if I just do more stuff. Having a specific thing to do in a day makes doing stuff harder, especially if it’s stuff I’m not happy with. It’s also quite confusing having two tutors, they don’t seem to be in at the same time much so you get two entirely different interpretations on what you’re doing – which is good and wonderful and useful, diversity and all that. But not helpful if you have no idea what you’re doing/have absolutely no ability in what you’re doing. So I’ve got these two very different tangents – using text/the list I made and using patterns. I think it looks better if I do text. But I don’t know. I like the text ones more than the pattern ones.

It’s hard to paint in the studio all of a sudden, I could quite happily paint on the other side of the studio last week. I think I spent more time staring at paper than doing anything to it.

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