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In Interesting things, Rambling on November 17, 2012 at 7:03 pm

Maybe trying to write something for every day of November (instead of writing a novel for NaNoWriMo) wasn’t such a good idea. I run out of interesting things at the weekend, it seems to be the only time I can really sleep and I don’t have interesting dreams (unlike someone I know…). I did find out that they sell onesies in the student union shop though (WHY?!), and that was the excitement for this weekend…

But for the sake of something interesting to write about I was looking through my Flickr archives, I uploaded these exactly a year ago!

Meaning a year ago yesterday I went to the Brighton open day with my mum (highlights including: running through St Pancras trying to find hidden platforms, lego christmas trees, really nice vegan cake, pretty lights, good quotes, a shop full of sewing machines, sea!). In fact the 16th November was the day I got the title for my book of quotes – “Am I just a quote machine?”. Which was my mum, on the train home from Brighton. It’s really odd to think it was so long ago… I have no idea how it’s November either, I’m pretty sure it was March or something yesterday. I’ve been posting things to Flickr since 2008 and I’d never posted on the 17th of November until last year. True fact. And quotes from exactly a year ago (by some fluke I actually have some from the 17th).

  • ‘You’re a boring little shit, get a fucking taxi.’
  • ‘And I got to fucking do…all this shit.’
  • ‘Is Brighton the place for you?’
  • ‘Boris the biro, the anagrammatic man.’ (said in Welsh accent)
  • ‘Fucking…this guy keeps fucking texting me.’
  • ‘You needed like, 40% to pass.’
  • ‘Not bad.’
  • ‘Ramsay MacDonald and seven friends.’
  • ‘It works both ways.’
  • ‘What are you on today?’
  • ‘You are economically inactive’
  • ‘That’s the worst satsuma I’ve had all year.’
  • ‘Housewives stroke husbands’
  • ‘As long as it involves satsumas.’
  • ‘Just dossers.’
  • ‘Bill Gates? Isn’t he dead?’ ‘No, that’s Steve Jobs…’

We got the results from some exam thingy we had to do – it wasn’t anything intelligent, and didn’t do anything useful like carry UCAS points or anything, and you did need about 40% to pass. I have no idea where the biro came from, or the fascination with satsumas. But we were almost definitely doing the 1924 Labour government in History. It’s really odd reading them back after not looking at any of them since I wrote the book, which was…March or so. It’s odd how much of it I still remember, but I know I’ve lost quite a lot of details. I can’t remember what shoes I was wearing, or what shirt the person talking was wearing for a start…

More relevant things. Maybe. I realised I was saying the same thing in two places in my essay, and it works if I put them both in the same bit (it was slightly different, because one bit was talking about students and the other was staff, but they may as well go together). So it works a bit better, but it means I dropped a hundred and a bit words, it’s back up to 900 and something now though. And that’s the only relevant thing I can come up with… I’ve been listening to Django Django all afternoon, mostly because they went to ECA, but also because it sounds nice.

I’ve got a bit of a routine for writing now, I can write things in sketchbooks or blog posts without much thinking, there’s no ‘aghh a blank page I’m going to die’ anymore, but I really can’t do that in Word documents for some unknown reason. So I have to write at least half of a paragraph out in a notebook, then type it, rework it, write it out by hand again and then retype it so it makes sense. For every paragraph. If I just start typing I end up with shitty paragraphs. Maybe I already knew that, because my typed history essays always got lower marks than ones I wrote by hand and never got round to typing. Maybe it’s just something in writing that makes it easier to articulate things, like if I type something that I need to do I’ll completely forget. But if I write it down somewhere (generally my hand), then I won’t forget. If I draw something I’ll remember tiny details of what I was drawing ages later, and looking at a drawing I’ll know things that were going on at the time, or remember quotes or something. I don’t really get that with photos, maybe for some of them. It’s interesting though…

  1. I remember that day well too. The lights on the pier were good! I wonder what different work you would have done if you had gone there? No hair washing *orn I bet!

  2. Not in the public domain!

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