I forgot some interesting things

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This first, because it makes me laugh. Otto is a cat, by the way. Not a person. His full name, or one of them anyway, is Mr Otto B. Wiggles. I have no idea what the B stands for anymore…Brian? I don’t know.

Essay – all 1,276 words of it – looks like this at the moment (which probably isn’t that interesting). The things on the right are all six appendices condensed into one huge thing. But they do all need to be there, otherwise all the bits where I’ve cited things people have said will make no sense at all. And the huge red bit on the left is a paragraph I really don’t like, but haven’t had a chance to rewrite yet.

And we have a new drawing project for tomorrow…

Researching and developing ideas can take many forms but drawing is still the fundamental vehicle  to think out and transmit visual ideas.

In this project you will consider strategies for both collecting ideas and ways of working. Using the Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street as a starting point you will spend two days drawing in various forms.

There will be two distinct methods; the first day will be a reconnaissance trip around the museum, taking notes, making drawings, recording what interests you and what catches your eye. This will be done primarily in a sketchbook.

The second day will involve making a large series of small drawings on pre-prepared surfaces with a wide range of materials.

What can you draw with?

  • Pencil (different grades)
  • Marker pen
  • Conte crayon
  • Promarker
  • Coloured pencils
  • Felt tip
  • Conte pencils
  • Oil pastel
  • Fineliner pens

Surfaces for drawing:

  • Different types of paper
  • Card
  • Coloured paper and card
  • Card prepared with acrylic wash

Other materials you will need will be a small drawing board and something to attach your paper to it.

These drawings can then be developed in any subject area.

I tend to like most things that involve the word ‘collecting’. And small things are good, although it’ll be a bit weird drawing small. All the other classes we’ve been drawing on A1. I need to start going through all of those and choosing which ones (I hope there’s some, if there isn’t I’m screwed) to take with me for assessment. I know I’m being pre-emptive, but that’s just what I do. The endurance drawing project just fitted quite well into what I was doing then I think, that was straight after life drawing (which was actually quite lovely and messy) and by then I’d gotten used to drawing classes (they’re scary things to start with, especially if your drawing ability is…minimal). So that was the optimum point for drawing I think, it started going backwards after that. Maybe it’ll start going forwards again, although I doubt it.

I got round to putting all 194 pictures in one place.

And I turned my fairy lights on the other day, they’ve been up since I found them in my biscuit tin (which has never actually had biscuits in it) when I was unpacking all of my stuff, but I’ve never turned them on (that I can remember).

Still no feedback, which is sad.

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