Painting is better when it’s not on paper.

In Edinburgh College of Art on November 19, 2012 at 3:36 pm

I went and painted a tiny bit of pavement, mostly to see if I could. It’s easier somehow than painting on paper (it doesn’t seem like painting for a start), although far scarier to do! I’m not sure I could have drawn a straight line if I’d tried. I got yelled at whilst I was doing drawings of another one, I should have taken the time so I could have quoted it…ah well.

So I think I’ll do more of that this week, depends if it decides to rain or not. Painting in the rain would be miserable and pointless, seeing as it’d all wash off (it’s mushed up chalk and water). I could always try painting on the covers too, I just noticed there’s a drip of paint on it. Quite a few of them are on quite narrow bits of pavement, so I’m having to be quite selective.

If it does rain all week I went and collected bits of rubbish to paint on yesterday, I’d left my chalk in my locker and I was cutting it up yesterday in case I felt like painting then. There’s all sorts of interesting things on my walk in…


I have no idea how well I can paint onto beer bottles. But they were there. I forgot to check if the ginger beer one was empty or not, and it wasn’t. So now all of them smell slightly of ginger beer. Given that I’m sort of doing a typology of manhole covers I should probably stick to painting on one thing. Just going on what I picked up yesterday that one thing should be cigarette packets, there’s quite a few about. If they don’t look too awful I’ll do that, and maybe put them back where I found them. I don’t know… It’s sort of not painting so I’m happy again.


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