Some drawing and things involving cigarette packets

In Collections, Edinburgh College of Art on November 20, 2012 at 8:40 pm

Tuesdays are drawing days…but you knew that already. New drawing project is better than the last one, because it was less sitting round in a circle having to draw what was in front of me, and more wandering about a museum. Museums are good, we like museums. Especially free museums. I’ve lost any ability to make a mess though. There was a while when I could quite happily draw all messily and scribbly and sometimes that looked good, I’ve gone back to trying to be good at drawing again, which sucks – because it doesn’t work.

I drew quite a bit of type, because I like type. I was using my dice to decide what to draw, so if I walked past something that looked interesting I’d roll it and if it was an even number I’d draw it. I did the same to see if I should stop that drawing and stop drawing that thing too, which worked pretty well until I lost the stupid thing. It’s tiny, and it was a big museum. Annoyingly it was floor coloured too, so there was no chance I’d find it again. Which was a shame, because it was a very nice looking dice. I ended up drawing bottoms of pillars and bits of skirting board after that, things you wouldn’t go to a museum to see. We’re going back next Tuesday to do lots of little drawings, hopefully they’ll turn out better.

Agh, I’d written a whole nice paragraph and didn’t make sure the draft had been saved. Ppfftt. There are quite a few more pages of stuff, but that’s those are the bits I don’t mind too much. I’ve almost filled this sketchbook up, it’s pretty chunky now… I bought another so it’s alright, and I bought a teeny pocket sized one I don’t really have any use for simply because it was there and says ‘Edinburgh College of Art’ on the front. I still laugh when I realise where I am… Everyone else seems to be spending vast amounts on alcohol/going out, and then there’s just me in the corner with bags of nice pens and sketchbooks…

I’ve started doing things to bits of rubbish, I picked up another two cigarette packets walking back from the museum so I can fiddle about with those without ruining the ones that have specific places. I’m taking them apart so they’re easier to paint, I forgot to take a picture of the one I painted this afternoon…it’s stuck on the wall in the studio. I think I’m heading towards sticking to type, which might mean going and standing somewhere where I can get some quotes. I’m getting a bit sick of covers, and text is good. I don’t have to be able to draw or paint to do text. So then it’s not really painting and I enjoy myself again. Or I need to get some more data from walking – how many steps from my flat to the studio or something, or how many people I walk past. I don’t know. I can do that whilst I walk in tomorrow anyway. I’ll take the voice recorder so I can get some words to use. I did start writing out quotes from the quote book onto an A4 bit of wood that I’d painted with ink & acrylic (it goes a nice blue-y purple-y colour) but I feel a bit bad not getting something specifically for this project. Quite a few were whilst I was walking though…

Anyway, I did this when I came home. It’s all the times/places from the manhole covers again. But sort of upside down. I’ve turned it inside out so it was easier to write on. It’s kind of heading towards making crap look nicer.

I’ve drawn patterns onto the foil bit, I’m going to do versions with paint/ink. But I left all of that in my locker so I didn’t have to carry it home, so a Sharpie-d demo version… It’s actually quite fun to do. I’ll need to paint the inside (well, what was the outside) I think. Especially because I’m having to masking tape it a bit so it’s a bit stronger. I quite like putting things in them though, hiding things again (but in a different way).

I might carry on with that for the next few weeks/for the exhibition work we have to do, not specifically this project though. A mix of everything – the quotes from sculpture stuff, hiding words from endurance drawing and cigarette packets from painting. That might work. Maybe. We’ll see. It’d be nice to do something for longer, instead of stopping and starting so quickly and seeing as I’m doing this… Intermedia ended up being quite finished, so I’m not sure that can add anything. And I guess the rubbish links to photography stuff. So it is almost everything… As long as I can get something to put them on.

I walked past a coach driver playing the harmonica today. I thought you should know

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