Lots and lots of writing

In Collections, Edinburgh College of Art on November 21, 2012 at 7:05 pm

But you don’t have to read it all because it’s on bits of wood, and I don’t even have pictures of it all.

I’m sticking to writing things (I get miserable if I paint things and they look crap, and then if other people agree that they look crap – I’m totally fine with just looking possessed), so I’m collecting useless information – things no one probably cares out, unnoticed things. I’m hoping to have three bits of wood (they’re kind of a bit bigger than A4 I think, I don’t know…) written on by Friday. So far I have 65 quotes written out (I know they’re not exactly useless because I think they’re interesting and sort of use them, but they’re mostly quite banal things) and I counted how many steps there are between my desk in my flat and my desk in the studio (1504, or there abouts), so I’ve written one to two hundred and fifty something out, thinking I could fit more on one side. So I think I’m going to do them as numbers rather than words again tomorrow. And I’m writing out the manhole cover data. A tiny bit of quotes, that’s as neat as I can write. It’s lucky I can write in straight lines though.

And my two cigarette packets, I’ll hopefully do another tonight. Although I haven’t done anything productive since I got back and I was meant to be essay writing. It’s on 1,345 words though. Progress! I rewrote the horrible paragraph too…

My collection of them is growing too… Although the cigar case wasn’t on the floor.

Oh Otto…

This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen all day…


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