A very nearly final thing

In Edinburgh College of Art on November 22, 2012 at 12:24 am

It does deserve it’s own post, I just need to write a conclusion, but that shouldn’t take too long. It’ll have to be short, I don’t want to go too far over the word count… It’s on 1,495 without a conclusion. But ta da! It’s printed out so I can go through and proof read properly, and just in case something awful happens to the four or so places I have it backed up…

Note the pyjamas – I seem to be able to write quite well (or at least I can write a lot) when I can’t sleep. I have an essay with many many pages of appendices. About twenty nine pages in fact. I might have included a bit too much, there’s lots of emails of questions/answers and notes from conversations so it makes sense where I’ve quoted people I talked to… Ah well. It’s thick enough for my stapler to not want to staple it anyway.

I was amused that two search terms for yesterday were ‘essay on design your own art school’. I checked, I’m on the first page for that. I know there are…several people who haven’t started their essays yet, crazy crazy people.

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