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In Collections, Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes on November 22, 2012 at 6:45 pm

I discovered I can be incredibly patient, unbelievably so. Being able to sit still for hours on end can be useful sometimes, I should really have been timing how long they took to do. I repainted two of my bits of wood, because one got all smudged on one side – and I couldn’t fit all the numbers on – and the other didn’t look very good just on wood. So they’re all an inky, murky, blue colour. They’re half done, I’m hoping to finish the other one and a half tomorrow morning, and finish the big thing that I started… Or at least mostly. There’s a lovely sounding talk tomorrow though, by Wood & Harrison, and it’s half an hour longer than normal, so that’ll get rid of quite a bit of time.

But we’re doing individual crits tomorrow, and they don’t all have to be finished. So it should be okay… It won’t be brilliant, because I’m not very…paint-y? I don’t know. I’ve got work done so it can’t be that bad. Feedback for intermedia should – theoretically, hopefully, maybe – be out tomorrow…

I started a bigger (A1-ish) card version. The paint was all nice and texture-y (I bought a palette knife just for that…pfft), but it somehow isn’t anymore and I have no idea why. It stayed flat whilst it dried…heh. It’s all three of the different sets of useless data – quotes (only ones I heard outside/whilst walking though), number of steps between my flat and the studio (I can only fit 825 of 1504 on there though) and then I’ll add in manhole cover data tomorrow, with white ink if I go buy some, or watery paint if I don’t. I stopped being neat, I was only really being neat because I was using a dip pen so it’d work on the wood, and it had to be small.

Apparently it’s a bugger to look at if you’re dyslexic. That wasn’t intentional.

New project tomorrow, an exhibition thing. I have no idea what I’m going to do anymore, which is odd. Because I’d keep doing things and going ‘that’d be pretty cool to use for the exhibition project’…and now, I have no idea. I’m going to read all weekend, things I started reading and never finished – after I’ve written my conclusion/submitted that anyway… Our word count is apparently 50 under/over 1,500, so I’m going to have to be pretty snappy. Or do more serious trimming. There’s an interesting sounding load of talks on 7th December (which would be the crit – or maybe just looking – at the exhibition work, so no idea how possible it’d be to go) about drawing and all sorts of fun stuff, it’s at ECA too. And free. So I booked a place, hopefully I can go to some if not all of it… If I’m very organised I’ll have set my stuff up on the Thursday. I cleared my locker out this morning, it was getting full of crap. So I got rid of the crap. I kept the kettle there though, I don’t have any teabags so it’s fairly pointless. But you never know when you might need a kettle…

  1. Glad you are going to the conference! Hope you can fit it in!

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