I’m a little sick of writing

In Edinburgh College of Art, Quotes, Rambling on November 23, 2012 at 7:59 pm

Which is unusual, and weird, but I have been writing all day, so maybe understandable. It took about five hours to write the last layer for the painting thing, I have no memory of that at all it was so repetitive/mind numbing! I finished the stupid thing though. And I do prefer it to the photography stuff, which was a very similar brief and I didn’t like where that went. I have absolutely no desire to switch to painting though (and funnily enough I wasn’t encouraged to in the crit this afternoon, other people were). It’s done, so it’s okay.

I used almost a whole pot of white ink, which was sort of annoying because it’s useful. At least I have an infinite amount of money to buy ink, or at least compared to other things. Each layer is ink, although the white background-y bit was acrylic & emulsion. I probably should have done something other than white, but it was a big bit of paper and I don’t have that much acrylic. I decided I don’t mind painting, it’s just if that’s all I can do I get annoyed with it. Far too indecisive for my own good… Crit this afternoon was good, quick individual crits are less scary (although they started off with a totally silent studio, which would have been less good, by the time they got to me there was noise again), I had work so I’m not sure it really could have gone too horribly. Having work is better than not.

Talk was lovely, only one of them turned up though… There aren’t that many of their videos that are viewable without going to a show, so it was nice to see more stuff. I guess I could buy the DVD…some good quotes too. But I’m not near my sketchbook and I need to go do stuff. Although we got our new project, except it isn’t really that much of a project, more ‘do some work and then show the damn thing’.

Art is fundamentally a social activity, in that we make things to share with people and so enter in to a conversation with each other. This project asks you to think about how this can occur and how you place your work in a space to show others.

Over the past few months you have responded to a variety of projects by making ‘artefacts’, whatever they might be- paintings, sculptures, photographs, videos, performances, events, drawings. For the most part these have been shown to your tutors and colleagues at crits and tutorials, within a studio and educational setting.

Over the next 2 weeks, you are asked to clear the studios, transform them in to exhibition spaces and install one piece of work each. You have to make a decision about what to exhibit; what best sums up your work and ideas over the semester that you want to share with others?

You will need to co-operate, to make sure your work hangs together as a show, but also consider personally where your work goes: on the floor? On the wall? On a plinth? Maybe it doesn’t exist in the space at all but is pointed to by documentation?

I’m not entirely sure what I’m doing. I can think about it some more. It’d make sense to work on things that I enjoyed doing, or at least do something relevant to one of those things. Intermedia was fun (speaking of, still no feedback agghh!), but I don’t want to mess that up anymore, and I ran out of everything by the end of that. So I’m leaving that alone. Sculpture is a possibility, although the painting work involved quotes too and I don’t really want to use those for absolutely everything. There’ll probably be text of some sort involved though. Painting…some bits might be useful – the drawing on rubbish. Photography not so much. And there’s drawing projects too – life drawing and material experiments probably won’t be useful, I’m not sure the museum drawings will be either. But the endurance drawing could be. That might be my favourite actually… I don’t know. I liked the brief and what I did, it started to go in all sorts of different directions. So maybe a hybrid of that and rubbish.

No more writing, I need to go cull bits of my essay so I can write a conclusion.


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