Hello, intermedia.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Sketchbook Project 2013 on November 25, 2012 at 4:02 pm

I might possibly have squealed having seen this. Maybe.


Photography things got an A3 for research too, so I have an A in what I was accepted for and what I want to change to. And both include the word ‘exemplary’ (although one is spelt in an interesting way). Which is good, right? It’s just that intermedia feedback – grades and the written feedback I don’t show you – is better than everything else (and there’s no chance at all that painting will beat that). I’m heading towards even more definite now… Ah that made my day, having been so impatient to know. I’m still making a ridiculously happy face…

Other than that there’s nothing exciting going on. I’ve managed to not read anything at all though, having been convinced I would. Sorted sketchbook out a bit and watched The Killing instead, and slept! Now I can go through the rest of the week not really sleeping much…pah. I need to go cut out lots of little bits of paper for drawing on Tuesday. I can’t decide if that’s more exciting than cleaning everything or not. And I need to go play Spandau Ballet, because that’s turned into default response whenever anything amazing happens, I don’t have Gold as a single (and I don’t own any albums), so it’ll have to be whatever I do have. Good things require record playing.

I’m hoping to finish my Sketchbook Project 2013 before we go to New York, that way I might be able to hand it in at the Brooklyn Art Library instead of having to pay for postage. Good plan, I thought. I don’t think my 2012 sketchbook will be back in the library though, otherwise I could go find that.


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