“That’s a relief to know.”

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on November 26, 2012 at 4:14 pm

I suddenly came up with something to do for the exhibition project – although I have no idea how I’ll do it. But I have something to start with. I’m sort of continuing with the endurance drawing, although only vaguely, because that was going somewhere…maybe. And because writing in leaves was a lot of fun.

I was trying to come up with something to write this time, ‘think through making’ was the first thing that came into my head when I did that, and by some fluke it worked and looked nice and all those good things. And given that my head has been empty for ages I wanted to guarantee I’d have something to write, otherwise I’d be stood there for ages trying to think of anything at all… And having written quite a bit moaning that I couldn’t think of anything (seriously, if you read my sketchbooks there’s a lot of moaning/bitching about not knowing what to do/and filling space in the hopes that I’ll think of something), it seemed like a good idea to pick a line from a book at random and write that. I have no idea where these ideas come from… Which is kind of irritating, because it means I can’t make it happen at will. Ah well.

I found a random number generator – because I lost my dice last week – and went through all the fiction-ish books I brought with me, letting the website decide on a page and line number. Some of them are really bizarre, and some sort of make sense. I’ll probably go through and find some other things, but this works for now. I have four from each of the eight books I’m counting as fiction, or more accurately not a book about art or photography. HIghlights being:

“There, Your Majesty, there!” he shouted,

Man. This puts a whole new spin on “white noise.”

Alba punches me in the stomach. “Tell it right,” she demands.

of fine white silk, flew bravely in the distance, catching

The hysterical cook was given a big drink and

unsettled by it or excited by it or left neutral? Do you

the window here and smoke

“That’s a relief to know.”

Now I just need to write them in interesting ways…I have no idea where it’s going. Which might be good, apparently I need to lose control more (which was sort of what my dice was for, I didn’t use it to make really important decisions though…just whether I should go buy coffee, or what to eat, or whether to email or not), and I’m not sure I have that much control at all over what I’m doing. Especially not if I keep generating random numbers to find in books…hm. I’ll start with making stencils I think, but then that’s controlling it – or not, because I can only make really crappy stencils that don’t look like letters!

Last lecture of the semester/year this morning, not especially a lecture. I think I really am the only one that didn’t submit my essay this morning…eek. Being forced into watching Art School Confidential wasn’t part of my plan, I fell asleep the first time round…at least I know how it ends now. I’d almost (very almost) rather have had a seminar. And I bought a book, because it sounds useful, and I hadn’t bought a book for a while. The whole ‘not buying more crap so I can actually move out of this flat’ isn’t going that well.

  1. What book did you get?

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