“It’s possible…”

In Edinburgh College of Art on November 27, 2012 at 5:09 pm

I’ve made sentences! Which isn’t that surprising given how much I write, but sentences using 39 books and a random number generator to choose page number, line number and which word on the line to use.

It seemed like a good idea to use every single book I had with me, but that was before I realised how many books I’d packed/acquired

So I’m only using books with specified authors (there’s a couple of photography ones that don’t have one, and there’s a magazine that’s actually a book…and one of embroidery stitches), which sort of narrowed it down a bit…to 39 anyway. Although it’s really 40 seeing as a new book came today. Post it notes were stuck on them at random (involving walking into the kitchen with my eyes closed and trying to find a book without looking), so there’s no real reason why they ended up in this order…

And then I started finding words – such fun that was (it means I’ll have something to do for absolutely ages if I can’t sleep though), I gave up after 14 books and not getting a word before any punctuation, which was my rule for stopping…

I haven’t managed to use all of them to write something that makes sense, but little things do make sense. Words:

the, readable, the, it’s, was, x, to, design, essentially, I, possible, everyone, specialised, our

So I’ll use those for something tomorrow morning (if I manage not to sleep all morning, pah) and then in the afternoon we have the project introduction-y thing. There’s not enough time! It’s bad enough trying to get something decent in two weeks (and I actually do use two weeks, rather than the week and a half after project intros), but I need something almost done by Tuesday and absolutely done by Thursday at the latest. Or is it Wednesday…I don’t know. Some time soon. Aggghhh.

Drawing was alright – we were in the museum again -, I had far too much fun scratching into tinfoil. I like doing small things. I haven’t got photos of all of them yet, and I don’t feel like doing that at the moment. So ta da…some drawings on post its, paper bags, tin foil, sugar paper and cartridge paper.

Back to reading now…


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