“…the words are trying to escape.”

In Edinburgh College of Art on November 28, 2012 at 8:57 pm

It didn’t take that long to come across a line/phrase that I like. Like how some of the quotes  taken out of context sound strangely profound. I don’t know, I’m not being very coherent. I went and wrote in leaves again, but I bought a pair of rubber gloves this time so I didn’t get mucky. I did get cold though.

“the words are trying to escape” comes from page 262, line 20 of Masquerade (Terry Pratchett). I had no choice in the matter. I have no idea what I’m doing, I don’t mind not knowing what it is that I’m doing, but…not knowing at all is bad. I have things to use, I just can’t manage do anything useful with them. Maybe I should forget that I have to show it to people next week, because I really don’t like showing work. Which is daft, because pretty much this whole blog is showing work – but I’m not there for that. 

Bleehh. I’m writing on tin foil, because it feels nice, and looking through a list of interesting text people (which is nice to look at, but bad for me being productive).  Hmm. I went to an intermedia opening (first one I’ve gone to all semester, far too social if you ask me), seeing as I’m no longer indecisive (or mostly, I’d very happily switch, it’s just more if they’ll have me) I figured I should see what they’re all doing. It involved going to new places! Well, new as in a different floor.


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