LATLL and possible reading machines

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art on November 29, 2012 at 8:09 pm

(look at those lovely lights) I did sociable things! Again! Wandered round Princes St gardens looking at Christmas-y things in November. I’m not that Christmas-y, so that was novel. There was mulled wine involved, and wearing of silly hats. And even a picture of me making a sort of happy face, also novel.


I went to Edinburgh Printmakers too, to see how I’d manage (not being able to see that brilliantly) with doing the Japanese woodblock printing, although somehow I was confused for another Ellie Powell (even weirder – also visually impaired, but worse than me it’d seem). Very strange… I paid for the course though, so that’s my excitement for February. I just need to come up with something to do… I’ll check my timetable and see what I’ll be doing around then (it’ll be one of the elective projects, probably).

And there hasn’t been a lot of work. I went and checked on my leaves from yesterday, but left my camera in my locker. I’ll go check again tomorrow. They were mostly still there. And I stuck leaves on the wall, which was very meh. I got irritated with it by the end of ‘are’, so I think it’ll come down again tomorrow.


There’s something of a new plan – to make a reading machine. Or a page finding machine. Or something like that. Possibly starting with tying books to shoes, walking and seeing what pages they turn to. Which I like more. And it means I get to buy more books! I’m not sure I could bring myself to make holes in any of my books so they can be tied to shoes…


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