I’m not too old for an advent calendar.

In Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on December 2, 2012 at 3:19 pm

Because no one is ever too old. My mum sent me one ages ago, it’s ehm…plastic-y? So far I have a little chipmunk (or possible rabbit, squirrel or any other similar creature) with flowers in its hair and an empty basket.


Isn’t it beautiful? I thought so too. I got a lot of parcels yesterday – blackboard paint, Christmas present for someone and biscuits (plus chocolate, a random bank statement and a dice, oh and a Christmas decoration) – which was lovely. Even if I had to get out of bed to go get them from downstairs, the horror… I went and did some work (eventually), I wouldn’t have bothered if the paint hadn’t come, but that stuff is amazing!


That’s one of the several pieces of wood kicking about in my locker, I’d been using it as a drawing board because it was one of the painting things I’d messed up, I might use the other two bits as blackboards too. Seeing as I’m never ever in my life (I hope!) going to need them as painting work again, I have a lot of pictures…and I’ll paint the side which wasn’t painted on. It comes off and everything, so I painted other things (paper, card, leaves) and chalk comes off those too (well, not tried the leaves yet). I’m so unbelievably impressed… If I ever have a studio of my own (possible, but unlikely, and definitely not any time soon) I’m so painting one of the walls with blackboard paint.

There’s even more stuff in my locker, it’s getting a tad ridiculous again. I’ve been being nosy and looking in other people’s lockers, I think mine might be the most organised… Even if it doesn’t look it at the moment. There’s painting work, canvases from ages ago, my kettle, a fan I’m borrowing and lots of plastic bags. I still have the stand from the sculpture project, and I’m probably never going to use it again…but I might, so it stays. Too much of a hoarder.


I’ve given up trying to attach books onto shoes. I can’t think like that, and…I don’t know. I think I’ll stick to throwing them, I started doing that the other day, and catching it by the pages and writing the first line I read from wherever I caught it. I tried blocking out most of the pages, with ink and pen and pencil and whatever else, but it doesn’t look very impressive. Not enough patience for that. I still might use the fan, if I can get something to make the books the right height for it to work. I’m sort of giving up with it a bit I think, it’ll do.

At least I have something, and there’s no feedback showing up for this (so no grades!), but I do have to bring documentation of it to assessment (I should probably be more worried about that, but I think this semester has gone okay, in terms of grades and not failing things…). I need to choose some drawings, I think I know which ones I’ll take…I just don’t know how many. Too few and I’m either too harsh or it looks like I’ve done hardly any work, too many and I’m not harsh enough.

I need to go buy some stuff, I’ve run out of margarine. Which is terrible because I’m in a toast eating mood. I’ve been in bed all morning (watching The Killing and feeling ill), so some air (even sunshine, actually – there’s blue sky out of my windows still) might be nice.



  1. Now I feel like toast!

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