I’ve almost finished a book

In Books, Edinburgh College of Art, Rambling on December 4, 2012 at 1:18 pm

Which is definitely worth blogging about, I haven’t managed that for a while, and even better it’s fiction (nothing amazing or especially intelligent). I might even finish it today…oh the excitement.

Work is…almost done. Maybe? I need to number some books and sort out something to put books on and that’s kind of…it. I’m going to rely (well, sort of – I don’t trust people to do what I ask them to do) on people sort of…doing the work for me, I’ll give them instructions for what to do with the books (roll a dice, pick up the right book, flick pages, write the first line they read), and in theory they follow them and write things on a blackboard. Because that is totally out of my control (and therefore – I think – not entirely my fault if it’s really crap), which is apparently good for me (I’m not so sure – it’s entirely horrible not having any control over what happens to that blackboard). But because I doubt it’ll work how I think it should (and I don’t want it to look like I’ve done nothing…because if no one writes anything it’ll look crap) I’ll do my own blackboard, as an example I guess. I did a multicoloured one last night, which I like more (don’t you just love those curtains? they look lovely with my icky pale pink walls…), and I’ve bought some fixing stuff so they don’t get smudged (I only realised after coming home I should have gone to the shop).


Boards need to be done by Thursday morning so they can be hung, I’ll add books on Friday (and hopefully manage to go to some of the interesting sounding drawing talks that are going on on Friday). Thursday evening I’m doing…stuff for a private view at the Patriothall gallery (involving looking neat – I’m not sure if you’ve seen the state of my hair lately, I’m going for the ‘pulled unwillingly through a hedge multiple times’ look I think, but I don’t think that’s really possible). Friday evening we have our private view, and rushing about panicking probably. And tomorrow we’re emptying/painting/cleaning studios, one of them (the nice pretty one, which I’m sadly not hanging work in) is a complete tip – I have no idea how it got so bad. There’s a little neat-ish corner where I’ve been working, and the rest is…you can barely see the floor for most of it. So that’ll be fun I’m sure.

I mostly know which drawings I’m taking to assessment. Which is good, and about a week early. I took the last ones out of my locker, and bought a huge portfolio for them to go in. They’ve been flattened under my mattress for ages now, so they’re all flat and lovely. So organised.

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