Wonderful things, and lost things

In Edinburgh, Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on December 6, 2012 at 10:44 pm

I did finish that book, it was slightly gruesome (smallpox mutation used to kill people, lovely stuff), so that was lovely. My work has been hung up, which is good (I’m not going as far as wonderful, that’d imply that I liked it!) and I ‘borrowed’ a nice(r) chair to go with my writing desk. I fully intend on ensuring that desk stays in the studio and that I only work in that studio…or as much as possible. I’ll be doing at least one intermedia project next semester (two if I’m allowed to switch), so it is possible, sort of. Not sure I could get away with moving into next years studio though.

20121206-103002 PM.jpg

I really hope it’s straight, because I sure as hell can’t tell. All the books and stuff are in the desk, ready to be put out tomorrow. I thought I was writing neatly, obviously not. The empty one should hopefully be filled up by tomorrow evening.

I spent the afternoon doing private view things – quite a lot of loitering, but there was some totally lovely work (and nice wine), I did manage to lose my keys though, so I had to be let into the building (and my flat). Annoying, I had them waiting for the taxi there, but not in the taxi. It was so totally different from other exhibitions I’ve contributed to or helped out at; it’s pretty hard to be neat in an art school (paint and dust and muck everywhere – I wouldn’t trust anyone that can stay totally perfectly clean, or wears a suit into a messy studio…), and I’m pretty sure without masking tape all art students everywhere would be quivering wrecks…so a little odd to be somewhere sort of…a little more formal. Nice having a space not full of crap though…much as I do love our studio (even if it’s small for all of us), I’m not so fond of the milk stained floor or the easels that like to get in the way. Anyway, that was pretty wonderful. I wasn’t the only ECA student either, and I met so many people that were connected to ECA somehow…

I put fairy lights up the other day, that and mulled wine sparked a rare moment of festive-ness. Although seeing there was suddenly a rather large Christmas tree in the main building did almost do that too, we have twigs (not trees) at home!


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