Drawing talks and a(nother) private view

In Edinburgh College of Art, Interesting things, Rambling on December 7, 2012 at 9:31 pm

It did have a title, U.G.F.Y.E.S. – which is undergraduate first year exhibition show, which makes no sense at all, well the ‘exhibition show’ part anyway. It’d make more sense as undergraduate first year studies exhibition, seeing as we’re generally referred to as FYS. Although that’s probably a pretty confusing way of doing it, seeing as there’s fourth years, and fifth, so there’s three things that could be FYS. Hm. I’m rambly it’d seem – no work to do obviously makes me talkative, but there is things to ramble about. Maybe I should go chronologically.

I spent the morning listening to lectures about drawing, as part of Drawing & Making: The Elements of Creativity, which’ll be up somewhere as a video at some point in the spring (apparently). It was a little odd thinking about drawing in a design-y way, as another step in a process, rather than a finished thing. It might be easier to draw if I thought like that though. I stayed for three talks, there were several more in the afternoon but I was doing last minute book arranging. There was a really interesting one by Jo Barker, possibly mostly because I love looking at people’s studios and how they work, and there was lots of pictures of studios and sketchbooks and all that good stuff… I’m sure there was more, but I can’t remember and my sketchbook isn’t near enough for me to bother to look at what I wrote. There was a long list of books I wanted to find, and they were either not in the library or out on loan. But speaking of drawing, my mum sent me this. It’s me, either writing 101 or drawing a dinner plate or something, I don’t know!


I somehow ended up getting several books on Dada instead of books on drawing, so I have even more stuff to read over Christmas. As long as taking several (okay, lots) of books home doesn’t make me luggage too heavy…

Private view…I don’t really like showing work, not ‘properly’, I don’t mind it like this – but it’s different when I’m there and the work is there and there are people there. Maybe it was harder because it was everyone showing work, and I’m fairly sure we’re supposed to be good to be here, and I really didn’t like where it was going. So that was daunting, and there was so much awesome looking/lovely stuff…but I actually kind of like it now (apparently it looks intermedia-y, yay!). When I’d gone to the library someone had started following the instructions, which made me incredibly happy. And it got filled up quite quickly, quick enough for people to start writing on the blackboard with the instructions (I don’t have any control over it, remember?). So that was good. I have some videos, got to bring documentation to assessment after all (which is Monday afternoon…at some point, hopefully I’ll get a more specific time soon).

As far as I can tell everyone stuck to the books too, I was slightly worried someone would be drunk/daft/annoying enough to write…I don’t know…’tits’ all over it or something. Or draw some. But no one did. So that was good. Strange having so little control over it, although I have no idea if the work (as in, a sort of final…idea I guess, or thing) is the blackboard itself, the process of throwing a die and flicking through a book or watching people do it. Or all of that, maybe losing control is good for me (I suddenly like work I really didn’t like for a start!). There’s a picture of me looking gormless with it kicking about somewhere.

And even better I’m allowed to keep the desk, well…in the studios for the next three and a half years anyway (it doesn’t seem that long ago that I had four years of a degree left to do, aghh!). I was incredibly pleased by that, because it’s beautiful and so much nicer than the silly new plastic tables that are too small and aren’t the right height to work at. As long as I can nick a fairly tall chair from somewhere I’m all set. And it can move studios with me, somehow. Someone might notice if I try and take the poor desk home though, no room in my flat either. So that was lovely.

I’m taking the blackboards down at the start of next week, and probably moving my desk to where I want to work for the next semester, I’m assuming we’ll be in there anyway…no other first year studios as far as I know. And at some point on Monday afternoon I have my mid-session assessment, specific time currently unknown. And location.

I’m sticking to my initial plan of ‘take as much as you can carry at any one time’, now including videos of the blackboards (plus sketchbooks, blog posts and a drawing portfolio). I think I’m supposed to choose my projects for next semester then too, so I guess we get to see the briefs… – there’s a two week project and a three week project that are elective, and then two three week projects that have to be in my specialism. Which I’m 100% sure I want to be intermedia – see that decisiveness? I think the exhibition project kind of just…confirmed that I want to switch, because I could have done anything, I didn’t have to do some odd interactive thing with blackboards and beautiful desks, and I didn’t do it as a way of…proving I can do intermedia things. It was all I could do at the time, and it was just work – not specifically intermedia or sculpture or anything. Just work. That’s all I do. I’m still not entirely convinced I’ll be allowed to switch (but then I’m still fairly convinced I got in by some fluke, or mistake even…but they probably would have noticed by now if that was true). So looks like I’ve sold my soul to intermedia, to be confirmed on Monday I assume.

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