Painting feedback & assessment

In Edinburgh College of Art on December 10, 2012 at 10:21 pm

It wasn’t too bad, I’ve had painting feedback since (very) early this morning, good side of being awake at stupid times. But before all that…and more importantly, maybe. Today, I sold my soul to intermedia – it sounds so much more exciting saying it like that, in reality it was just “Ehm, I’d like to switch to intermedia actually.” “..okay, that’s fine.” Equally scary and lovely – lovely because…I haven’t not liked anything intermedia-y (I’ve nosied around studios, a second year show and actually spoke to a second year – the horror – as well as liking projects) and scary because it’s kind of a big thing. But definitely a good big thing, and I’m almost entirely convinced it was the right thing to do (99% sure, which is pretty good really). So that was nice.

So. Feedback. I really didn’t think it’d be that good. But it’s actually better than photography – who’d have thought that’d ever happen? Better in that there are no Cs involved, I don’t like that C. Ruined my otherwise nice collection of Bs and As.



The written stuff was pretty nice too (and encouraged my obsessive collecting somewhat)  – although it got compared to ‘outsider art’, and I’m not sure if that’s good or not…I don’t really want to be an outsider! At least my un-painting approach to painting didn’t go horribly wrong.

Assessment wasn’t really what I was expecting. It felt oddly like waiting for an interview, only without the whole ‘agghh they might not accept me’ bit. I’m fairly sure I won’t fail, seeing as I have okay grades for this semester…so surely that counts for something. I’ll know sometime next week. And I think the whole ‘take as much stuff as you can possibly carry’ tactic worked quite well. Apparently my sketchbooks are “genuine”, which I thought was sweet, and I could also (apparently – I don’t think so) do whatever course I wanted with my grades, which seemed daft, because I’d be useless at painting. Or sculpture. And it’s probably quite important that I’m not useless at it. It was strange being assessed by someone who I’d never met before, who hadn’t seen any of the work…and I didn’t get asked to show the exhibition stuff, I’d taken my iPad just to show the videos I have of it and everything. Ah well.

Anyway, here’s all the stuff I took. I couldn’t carry any more than that. There were twelve drawings, instead of ten, but don’t tell anyone that. Seven from endurance drawing, because I like those more, two from life drawing, two from the collecting drawings and one from material experiments. So I somehow ended up from something from every project…which I wasn’t expecting.

There was a very productive half hour yesterday making paper snowflakes for my windows (I have nothing better to do anymore…), so ta da! I’ve been all festive and everything…fairy lights and mulled wine might have added to that. I’ll make more tomorrow.



And I moved my desk to where I want to work next semester, that was the best thing about painting…having a very specific place that was mine to work from. Everything else was a bit of a free for all. I’m keeping my blackboards on it in the hope that people will get the message that it’s mine and I have no intention of sharing it, because it’s lovely.


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